Global Education Initiative

The Credit Suisse Global Education Initiative is supporting selected international development organizations to improve the education opportunities for thousands of school-age children and young people through locally relevant programs across the regions in which we operate.

Launched in 2008, the Global Education Initiative partners’ programs have aimed to break down barriers of access to education and to improve the quality of educational opportunities for school-aged children in selected countries throughout the world. The Initiative has developed strong partnerships over the past 5 years and we believe we have made a real impact, reaching over 100,000 students in over 400 schools in 38 countries. Over the past 5 years more than 15,000 teachers have been trained in subjects ranging from Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) and IT to child-friendly teaching methodologies.

Global Education Initiative

Based on this success, in 2014 Credit Suisse is launching a Signature Program within the Education Initiative focusing on Financial Education for Girls, to be fully rolled out by the end of 2014 by our partners Plan UK and Aflatoun. And we will also continue to work with a few of our Global Education Initiative partners continuing to support their education programs in various regions. To see the work accomplished with our 6 partners, view the Global Education Initiative 5 year anniversary section.

Global Education Initiative 2014-16 

In 2014 we will continue to finalise our work with our current partners while also transitioning to a new signature program to deliver Financial Education for Girls. This program aims to provide relevant and timely financial education to girls and young women at key points in their lives, as part of a program to support girls with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to tackle decisions along their life’s journey, whether this is personal, professional or in continuing education.

Financial Education for Girls

"Access to financial and social assets is essential to helping youth make their own economic decisions and escape poverty."
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon

It is increasingly recognized that young people need not only knowledge, skills and a responsible attitude to managing money but also the confidence to support their ambitions. These are critical life skills for young people to have as they transition from school and join the adult world. Providing children and youth with a strong set of financial, social and personal skills as part of their education equips them at an early age to thrive.

Furthermore, it is clear that young women are more disadvantaged than young men when it comes to financial knowledge and skills. Therefore, our Financial Education for Girls program will target girls and young women with appropriate and relevant interventions in a school-based context to ensure they are adequately prepared for the challenges, both financial and social, that they will face as they transition from school to adult life. Working to increase both the financial capability of girls as well as their awareness of their social and economic rights, the program will enable girls to better fulfil their potential and take advantage of economic opportunities as they transition into adulthood.

Our not-for-profit partners in the Financial Education for Girls program are Plan UK and Aflatoun. They will work together in Brazil, China, India and Rwanda to create a tailored approach that brings about lasting change and empowers the next generation of women to achieve better futures for themselves and their communities. The financial education component will comprise an additional element to Plan’s existing interventions in those countries.

Our Approach

We will focus on 4 countries where Plan International has established education programs. These will be enriched by Aflatoun’s Financial Education Curriculum tailored to the specific needs of the groups targeted.  Aflatoun’ s curricula for different age groups provides easy to use lesson plans with a focus on understanding oneself, one’s rights and responsibilities, learning how to plan, save and budget as well as launch small enterprises.

The curricula  is a blend of learning in class and  practical activities like savings, enterprise development. Girls and boys  plan and run their own  savings groups and start small businesses in self managed clubs. These activities provide children and young people with experience and confidence which will underpin their future decisions and life choices 

Aflatoun has developed a wider range of programs that can be delivered in and out of school. Aflatoun is for children under 14 years and Aflateen is for those over 14 years.

Financial Education for Girls at a glance


Region: Maranhão, Northeastern Brazil
Target: Students aged 11 – 14 years, with a focus on girls

Support approximately 3,250 girls to complete their basic education and transition to secondary school.

The Aflatoun and Aflatten Curricula will be used with the girls in clubs.


Region: Guangnan County, Yunnan Province
Target: Students aged 12 -17 years, with a focus on girls

Enable over 11,500 disadvantaged girls to successfully transition to senior secondary education.

The Mandarin program ‘Aflateen’ and the Non Formal curricula will be contextualized and used in the project.


Region: Bikaner district, Rajasthan
Target: Students aged 14 -18 years, with a focus on girls

Quality and relevant education for approximately 82,300 girls in the state of Rajasthan.

The Aflateen curricula will be used here. Special teaching and learning aides will be developed. For the girls in residential schools this curricula will also blend social skills into the Financial Education.


Region: Bugesera and Nyaruguru districts
Target: Students aged 12 -15 years, with a focus on girls

Improved education for approximately 2,000 disadvantaged girls in Rwanda.

The Aflateen curriculum will be used. It is in French and has already been adapted for the local context.

Secondary Content

Global Citizens Program 

Global Citizens Program

Sharing our employees' skills and expertise with our NGO partners on the ground.