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  1. Ricchezza globale ancora in crescita, con un netto distacco di USA e Cina

    Il Credit Suisse Research Institute pubblica la nona edizione del "Global Wealth Report"

  2. Commodities Rose on Tightening Global Crude Oil Supplies

    Commodities rose in September amid Venezuelan crude oil production shortfalls and reduced Iran exports due to upcoming US sanctions, while the demand for crude oil and petroleum products remained strong.

  3. Credit Suisse Now Available on Apple Business Chat

    Credit Suisse today announced it is making Apple Business Chat available to private banking clients with accounts in Singapore and Hong Kong who are Digital Private Banking users, introducing a new way for them to communicate directly with the bank using the Messages app on iPhone and iPad.

  4. Thurgau and Schaffhausen: location attractiveness in the upper middle range

    Credit Suisse veröffentlicht Regionalstudie über die Kantone Thurgau und Schaffhausen

  5. Credit Suisse: estensione del congedo paternità, del congedo di cura e assistenza come pure dei giubilei di servizio

    Credit Suisse lancia un'ampia gamma di misure volte a migliorare la conciliabilità tra vita professionale e privata per i collaboratori in Svizzera

  6. Credit Suisse Expands Credit Algorithmic Trading Platform CSLiveEx into High Yield Corporate Bonds

    The bank now makes markets in 6,500 Investment Grade Corporate Bonds and over 1,000 High Yield Corporate Bonds on CSLiveEx.

  7. Credit Suisse AG Announces the Reverse Splits of its UGLD and USLV ETNs

    Credit Suisse AG announced today that it will implement a 1-for-10 reverse split of its VelocityShares™ 3x Long Gold ETNs ("UGLD") and a 1-for-10 reverse split of its VelocityShares™ 3x Long Silver ETNs ("USLV"), each expected to be effective as of October 15, 2018.

  8. Previsioni congiunturali per la Svizzera 2019: crescita ancora robusta nonostante le incertezze

    Credit Suisse pubblica lo studio «Monitor Svizzera» per il 3° trimestre 2018

  9. Commodities Fell due to Rising Agricultural Supplies and Sluggish Demand for Base Metals

    Commodities decreased in August as output forecasts for several agricultural commodities increased. Dampened global growth prospects, due to emerging markets weakness, lowered demand expectations for base metals.