Opportunités de stages EMEA Poland: Wealth Management Academy

EMEA Poland: Wealth Management Academy

Our Wroclaw based Wealth Management Academy supporting the Swiss Universal Bank & International Wealth Management division provides a unique opportunity for a best-in-class talent pool to start their business career. You’ll work 20-40 hours a week over a five-month period, and benefit from comprehensive training and hands-on learning.

The program offers opportunities to meet with senior managers, colleagues and peers at all levels across the bank. You will also receive in-depth functional and technical training in private banking products, project management, basic reporting, corporate tools, customer service areas and more.

You’ll also be able to see how the supporting areas of a financial institution operate and contribute to the overall success of the bank, and you will gain insights into the bank and its culture. You will be assigned a buddy who will provide you with additional support prior to, during and after your internship.

Highlights of the program include:

  • Mentoring with senior specialist throughout the whole program.
  • Tailored functional training (introduction to the role) in two chosen sectors.
  • Special wealth and management training conducted for all members (e.g. cross-culture competencies, dealing with difficult clients, mutual funds and Excel workshops).
  • Web-based training to develop soft skills, and business and banking knowledge.
  • Rotations through the team.

Within the Wealth Management Academy program, you’ll have the opportunity to develop specialized expertise in Sales and Product Management, Technology Development and Controlling.

Ideal Candidates

We’re looking for students from any faculty who have:

  • Strong analytical skills.
  • A commitment to providing excellent customer service.
  • The ability to work in a team as well as independently and under pressure.
  • Proficiency in English. In addition, proficiency in another language, preferably German, French or Italian, is desirable.

In case of any questions regarding our programs in Poland, please contact us: students.wroclaw@credit-suisse.com