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Wealth Management

Build relationships. Create value.

Our Wealth Management team provides expert advice and sources financial solutions to meet our diverse clients' needs. This is one of the most exciting, high profile sectors in global banking.

What we do

Wealth grows from connection and consideration. We take an integrated approach based on understanding what our clients need and enhancing their proximity to the market. We want to stay on top of the fast-moving financial world as well as wider current events. And we can react quickly to changes.

Our colleagues work with clients in APAC, EMEA and Switzerland. Every day, they deliver value to wealthy private clients, entrepreneurs and a range of corporations and institutions. In order to do so, they take advantage of Credit Suisse's global resources and investment banking capabilities.

There is always scope to achieve more and increase our market share. Join us as we continue to expand our reach.

Meet one of us

Interview with Bettina Boldi
Relationship Manager
Zug, Switzerland

Bettina Boldi

What is your role?

Bettina Boldi: I am a Relationship Manager at Swiss Universal Bank in Zug working in the Affluent segment. As a Relationship Manager I take care of the financial needs of our clients. They are the ones guiding my daily work. It is very rewarding to guide and accompany clients through many important life decisions. The market and political events have a big impact as well, making it a fast-moving, stimulating role which requires keeping up-to-date with current affairs.

What initially drew you to a role as Relationship Manager?

Bettina Boldi: I was looking for interactions with clients and team members; a dynamic environment; and a job where I could stay close to what was happening in the world. The role as Relationship Manager is a perfect fit. I really enjoy working closely with clients, finding out what they want to achieve, as well as showing an interest in their lives. It is important to build a strong rapport, and it makes my job even more fulfilling.

Why did you decide a career at Credit Suisse was right for you?

Bettina Boldi: Credit Suisse provides an amazing Career Start program which allows graduates to learn all the necessary skills within 18 months. This program combines on-the-job training with classroom study. This allows you to make relevant connections and extend your network from an early stage. I also love the collaborative approach at Credit Suisse – my team is very diverse and we always have interesting discussions where everyone's voice is valued.

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