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Sales & Trading

The world is yours for the making

The Sales & Trading community is the frontline revenue-generating division. We execute all sales and trading activities and support Credit Suisse's global wealth management businesses.

What we do

Our colleagues in Sales & Trading are dedicated to performing for our clients across Equities and Rates and Foreign Exchange, whilst simultaneously achieving the strategic goals of the bank through a fully integrated markets platform.

We provide depth, breadth and experience to help clients access leading ideas, products and solutions. Our services include global securities sales, trading and execution, prime brokerage, underwriting and comprehensive investment research. With a global reach, we serve clients including financial institutions, corporations, governments, institutional investors and private individuals around the world.

At Credit Suisse we are uniquely positioned: We offer both large-scale investment banking capabilities as well as flexible, smaller-scale tailored and bespoke solutions.

Join us for a career that brings new challenges every day, and where you can take on responsibility from the start. If you want the thrill of a fast-paced, competitive environment with the acclaim of a world-class bank, then we look forward to welcoming you into the Sales & Trading team.

Meet one of us

Interview with Preeya Khagram-Nasim
EMEA Leveraged Finance Sales
London, England

Preeya Khagram-Nasim

Why did you decide a career at Credit Suisse was right for you?

Preeya Khagram-Nasim: I was introduced to the Real Returns through a friend who is a senior Managing Director (MDR) of the Global Credit Products (GCP) front office team. My entry onto the program was both surprising and interesting to say the least. With incredibly strong senior management support, some of the groundwork had been laid to, at the least, visualize myself back in a corporate environment. Since my arrival and with each role, I became more embedded into the culture. In wanting and working towards the success of each of my teams, and thus the Global Credit Products strategy as a whole.

How do you approach your client interaction?

Preeya Khagram-Nasim: I approach this as I do most things in life… with authenticity. Something I learned very early on within my own businesses, is that every interaction is a calling card and testament to your future reputation and success. Therefore, service providers and receivers should be treated with the same level of importance, and an imbalance will only diminish your authenticity.

What do you love most about your job?

Preeya Khagram-Nasim: I thrive on human interaction, and working towards mutual goals. I enter the markets with a view that we as CS, are here to facilitate the success of our client's investment strategies, through partnership and mutual success. The better we understand them, the more fruitful our long term relationships will be.

What is the biggest risk you have taken in your career?

Preeya Khagram-Nasim: Arguably my biggest risk was leaving the industry but also re-entering… Each was timed to perfection…

My leaving was at a time where I felt the markets were not ready to truly allow me to be a mother and continue my career in the front office, without a dilution of reward and recognition in both. This exit led to my setting up a restaurant group. Through owning and operating a multi-site business, every day was a lesson learned in strategy, service, management, multi-tasking, listening and developed me into the person I am today.

My re-entry into a corporate environment was a decision taken quite lightly to be honest. By not attaching heavy meaning to the move, I allowed myself the freedom to feel and experience without personal judgement. My success and failure were therefore not reduced to a tick box exercise. By also saying 'Yes' more often than using the word 'No', I had infinitely more opportunities present themselves. That freedom to just be, I guess allows me to be here, right where I'm meant to be.

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