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Risk, Legal & Compliance

Assured thinking. Savvy solutions.

Risk, Legal and Compliance drive strategic and sustainable returns and offer legal, policy and regulatory advice. Be part of this team and work in a dynamic and highly visible area.

What we do

Every good decision is about balance. As a bank we need to weigh up risk and possible returns whilst ensuring we comply with the law. Our Risk, Legal and Compliance teams work across a range of areas to make this happen, and to ensure Credit Suisse and our clients continue to flourish.

Across all segments the Risk & Compliance division's long-term success is built on vision, attention to detail and expert analysis, driving strategic and sustainable returns that reflect the risk appetite of the bank. Alongside this vital work, our General Counsel provides legal, policy and regulatory advice while driving strategic legal risk management for the firm.

You will be part of a team that is renowned for its dynamic, engaged and collaborative culture. We offer a supportive environment that encourages you to find your path and be proactive in your learning through a range of talent development initiatives. We believe our colleagues are our best asset. Join us and be part of something extraordinary.

Meet one of us

Interview with Yatin Lucas Shah
Functional Risk and Control Officer
Zurich, Switzerland

Yatin Lucas Shah

What is your role?

Yatin Lucas Shah: I am a Functional Risk and Control Officer. I manage Operational Risk and Controls for our Chief Risk Officer of the International Wealth Management Division (CRO IWM). The role includes a broad variety of topics providing an in-depth view into running an organization. Further, I have built out and now lead a remote team in Warsaw.

How did you begin your career at Credit Suisse?

Yatin Lucas Shah: After starting as an intern in IWM and writing my Master's thesis on a topic relevant for Credit Suisse, I then joined as a Career Starter in Business Management in CRO IWM. The Career Start program gave me the opportunity to explore other areas in the bank and build my network. I chose the IWM Strategy team and later rejoined the CRO IWM to take on my current role.

What do you love about your job?

Yatin Lucas Shah: In my role every day looks different, providing new challenges and exciting opportunities. I love being a line manager – leading others to success is a great pleasure and a significant responsibility.

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