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Industry immersion to drive world class insights

Securities Research drives its industry immersion strategy to create world-class insights across global sectors and their public and private ecosystems.

What we do

As a member of our Securities Research team you will be a key part of our decision-making process. Your analysis will ensure colleagues across Credit Suisse can make the right decisions. Your research will identify new opportunities for clients. And your work will consolidate our reputation as a world-leader in financial services.

In our Research area we use a range of research methodologies, analytics platforms and databases designed to help make better decisions, faster. Thanks to our extensive research and superior access to cross-market data and proprietary models, our analysts know what is happening, where, and how to turn it to our clients' advantage. Through in-depth, meticulous reporting every decision is fully informed and thoroughly considered.

This makes us an essential cog in the financial services wheel. We ensure that strategies and procedures are informed by cutting-edge, relevant information. Our Securities Research team offers perceptive analytical frameworks, proprietary methodologies and unique data sources. Leveraging Credit Suisse's global resources, our Research team analyzes over 2,500 companies worldwide. And their work is enriched by our macro-economic ESG / Sustainability and Strategy teams who contribute insights with a global perspective.

Be insightful. Be informed. Be part of our team.

Meet one of us

Interview with Lauren Silberman
Equity Research Analyst
New York, USA

Lauren Silberman

What is your role at Credit Suisse?

Lauren Silberman: I am an equity research analyst in the restaurant sector. I conduct industry and company-specific analyses to support investment recommendations for institutional investors. My research provides a unique perspective on industry disruptors and offers an up-to-the-minute view of consumer tastes and trends. I frequently engage with network groups to learn about the trends and challenges in the sector. I also collaborate with restaurant operators and service providers to share insights and discuss strategies. Plus, I am actively involved in firm-wide recruitment efforts, including Credit Suisse's Women's Mentor program to recruit young women into equity research and enhance diversity.

Why did you decide on a career at Credit Suisse?

Lauren Silberman: I was advised early on in my career to choose the people and team first, and the job second. I joined Credit Suisse because I knew the management team was the best in the industry and I was keen to work and collaborate with my current colleagues. Thankfully, I was offered the incredible opportunity to be a lead equity research analyst. I am one of the youngest at Credit Suisse and on Wall Street. That's a testament to the opportunities the bank and our management team provide. Now, after two years, I could not be happier with my decision. I am grateful to work with some of the best in the business and to have support from several exemplary mentors.

What do you love about your job?

Lauren Silberman: I have the opportunity to learn from some of the most intelligent people in my industry: investors, management teams, industry experts and other sell-side analysts. I love analyzing strategies for some of the best companies in the world, and having exposure to a broad range of stakeholders. My work at Credit Suisse has been very fulfilling, both professionally and personally.

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