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Operations provides both critical client services and important structures to protect our business. We increase process efficiency, enhance controls and leverage technology to drive improvements.

What we do

Control, efficiency and innovation are like the oil in a finely tuned machine. Our Operations colleagues enable Credit Suisse to perform at its best by providing high quality, efficient banking services across the business. We ensure the efficient execution of millions of transactions daily over four regional divisions – Switzerland; Asia Pacific; Americas; and UK Entities, Wroclaw and Dublin. 

We deliver solutions across: Asset Servicing, Custody and Transfers, Securities Settlements, Cash Management and Settlements, Reference Data Management, Service Management, Trade Validation, Client Asset Protection, Derivatives Clearing.

Additionally, the Messaging and Sanctions team provides services and advice on financial messaging and sanctions screening and handling. Our Risk Framework and Control team advises and supports senior management responsible for the financial, reputational and regulatory risks.

Join us and be part of a global team with opportunities to collaborate with colleagues from different countries, backgrounds and experiences. Work with us to maintain Credit Suisse's essential global infrastructure and meet our clients' changing needs. The rewards are limitless.

Meet one of us

Interview with Brett Le Cheminant
Global Head – Cleared Derivatives Control
Raleigh, USA

Liz Richards

What is your role?

Brett Le Cheminant: I have two roles. For one, I am Global Head for Cleared Derivatives Control. This means I am responsible for the front to back processing of Cleared Derivatives globally, supporting the Prime Derivatives Services business. I am also the Head of Operations for Raleigh, with regional oversight responsibilities, and a member of the Raleigh Local Management Committee. Having two roles means that I have very varied responsibilities – it keeps things interesting.

What surprised you most about the job?

Brett Le Cheminant: The breadth of responsibilities continues to surprise me. While I already have a broad remit, my responsibilities span multiple disciplines: from contract negotiation, crisis management, vendor management and accounting, to regulatory responsibilities. This is in addition to the standard process, people, cost and project management that is part of most roles.

What is it like working for Credit Suisse from home?

Brett Le Cheminant: Since I started at Credit Suisse in 2003, I have worked in London, Singapore, India and America, where I'm now working from home. I miss the people. Credit Suisse has a great team culture. However, the technology and support to enable us to work from home has been flawless. Credit Suisse has always had the infrastructure for remote working and supported flexible working arrangements. But the ability to scale this up to support everyone has been truly impressive.

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