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Marketing & Communications

One voice. Inside and outside.

The Marketing & Communications community shows the world who we are as a company. We connect to people inside and outside of the bank to bring our culture, products, services and leadership to life.

What we do

Our colleagues in Marketing and Communications design and execute on exciting marketing ideas and strategies to generate business opportunities, promote our bank's capabilities and match them with our clients' needs. We deliver engaging client and prospect activities and manage marketing campaigns to attract new talent to work at the Bank.

Our Communications colleagues build and maintain close partnerships with investors, media, regulators and other important stakeholders to inform about and engage with our strategy, recent events and activities. We are passionate about understanding our audiences and the changing environment and share these insights with the business.

Join us in protecting and enhancing Credit Suisse's positive culture of creativity, courage and collaboration among internal and external audiences. Together with you, we want to generate engagement and pride among employees and recognition among external stakeholders.

Meet one of us

Interview with Liz Richards
Head of HR Marketing
London, England

Liz Richards

How do you define your role?

Liz Richards: Working in our central marketing team, means that I see right across the spectrum from brand strategy, all the way through to executing and reporting on campaigns that we deliver. As Head of HR Marketing, I am also incredibly fortunate to closely collaborate with our recruiters, our D&I team and our employee networks to develop strategies and campaigns to support their goals.

How does your role at Credit Suisse differ from others you have had in the past?

Liz Richards: I've worked in various different marketing roles and whilst the market and audiences may differ, I believe the fundamentals remain the same. My role is to identify, anticipate and meet our candidates' (or clients') requirements, efficiently and effectively, delivering value to the business. We act as the candidate or customer's voice into the organization.

What surprised you most about the job?

Liz Richards: The range of activities and individuals across the organization that you get to meet and the amount that you continue to learn, about the business, about the market environment, our candidates and clients, plus the ever-evolving landscape within marketing and communications. I never expected to learn such a breadth of new skills on an ongoing basis.

How does your role affect the bigger picture at Credit Suisse?

Liz Richards: I work as part of a broader marketing and communications team, we collaborate on projects and campaigns and together ensure that we deliver a consistent voice and message to our internal and external stakeholders. As part of this team, we help the bank deliver across its strategy and objectives. Everyone in the bank and everything we do affects the Credit Suisse brand. That is the role of all us at Credit Suisse.

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