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Business Support

A safe pair of hands

Blending competency and service-based assistance, our Business Support team facilitates mission critical services. We find opportunities to improve and develop solutions to meet the bank's objectives.

What we do

A business is only as strong as its ability to adapt to changes and anticipate challenges. Which is what makes our Business Support colleagues so vital to our success.

We work across a range of areas to optimize, run and transform our business divisions:

  • Our Executive Management team ensures effective business management and person-centered initiatives. This way, it builds a high-performing organizational culture alongside strong control and cost objectives.
  • Our Program management team shoulders delivery responsibility, building robust, scalable solutions that enable excellence in all change initiatives.
  • The Administration support team inspires transformation through creative problem-solving and advice. They deliver independent, integrated financial control and reporting – all backed by sound policy and governance.
  • Our Supply Management function promotes productivity by optimizing resource management with end-to-end cost management discipline.
  • The Corporate and Real Estate service teams are at the forefront of formulating and implementing real estate strategy to deliver uninterrupted services.
We drive creative problem-solving through perceptive, considered advice. Join our entrepreneurial division. Start applying your expertise where it really matters.

Meet one of us

Interview with Hayley Marsh
Group Business Support Services Manager
London, England

What is your job at Credit Suisse?

Hayley Marsh: I work within Group Business Support Services (GBSS) managing workplace and employee services across our UK and Northern Europe offices. A big focus for me at the moment is our Covid-19 response, and how we ensure the safety of staff in our workplaces.

What have you learned on your career journey?

Hayley Marsh: I've learned to adapt to huge changes and the fast pace of the financial world. I've been extremely lucky to work in a number of different roles within GBSS, from Chief of Staff to Head of Strategy and Innovation. Thanks to the great range of internal mobility opportunities, I've always felt able to try other roles when I wanted a new challenge or to develop my skills in a different area.

What do you love about your job?

Hayley Marsh: The excitement of finding solutions and supporting our business, and the flexibility of working for a major bank that recognizes individual needs. I'm also a working mum with two young children at home. Credit Suisse has been very supportive, and I currently work part-time to get the right balance for myself and my family.

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