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An ambitious vision. A strong voice.

We aspire to be a compelling voice inspiring confidence in the bank's ability to deliver its strategy. To achieve this, our work is credible, strategic, confidence-giving and commercially-minded.

What we do

Savvy, informed and impeccably skilled: Meet the Internal Audit team. Our colleagues in this division are game-changers, delivering powerful arguments that influence our stakeholders. We inspire confidence in Credit Suisse, both externally and internally, enabling our decision-makers to be bold in today's challenging environment. We are commercially-minded, understanding the risk-return trade off so that the bank retains the optimum level of risk to deliver its strategy.

As a global and inclusive community, we benefit from a wide range of perspectives to create value. Fulfilling our ambitious vision requires passionate, inspiring and collaborative people across a diverse range of roles in different areas, including: Data and Innovation, Methodology, Quality Assurance, Investment Banking Audit, IWM Audit, Swiss Universal Bank Audit, APAC Division Audit, Finance Audit Risk Audit, Data Audit, Compliance Audit, General Counsel Audit, HR Audit, Strategy and Change Audit, Operations Audit and Technology Audit.

We offer exciting career paths for professionals at all levels who want to advance their career in an international and dynamic environment. You bring your experience and expertise, and we will support you continuously in your professional development, including regular training opportunities and great internal mobility. Shape your future with the best.

Meet one of us

Interview with Winsome Ng
Chief Auditor APAC
Hong Kong, Greater China

Winsome Ng

What is your role at Credit Suisse?

Winsome Ng: I am the Chief Auditor responsible for the APAC division business and legal entity audit coverage. I joined Credit Suisse Internal Audit four years ago. What attracted me was the strong branding and reputation of the bank as a leading global wealth manager, with strong investment banking and asset management capabilities. I also liked the autonomy with which the region operates.

What do you love most about your job?

Winsome Ng: I love how we get to interact with different levels of management across all businesses, and to see the bank with a strategic lens as well as with an end-to-end view. It is a meaningful role – we are actively consulted for independent advice, insights and industry knowledge. We play a significant role in influencing risk and control decisions though governance forums, regular interactions with management, and through our audit results.

What type of person might enjoy a similar role?

Winsome Ng: The Internal Audit department at Credit Suisse is recognized as industry-leading in new technologies and data analytics. We are continually investing in our team members through training and providing mobility opportunities. Fusing this world-class reputation with a focus on staff development makes this the ideal place for someone who is relentlessly curious, enjoys the challenge and wants to make an impact.

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