Careers Team up. Connect.

Team up. Connect.

Collaboration is our foundation. We value diversity and work closely across businesses, cultures and continents. As a global and inclusive community, we benefit from a wide range perspectives to create value. For our clients. For our shareholders. And for our communities.

Team up. Connect.

Global Initiatives. We count on our employees.

Collaboration and partnership are our foundation. We value diversity and work closely across businesses, cultures, and continents, benefitting from a wide range of perspectives to deliver value to our clients. Doing so involves exposure to new challenges, new people, and new ways of working.

Global Citizens Program

Credit Suisse's Global Citizens Program (GCP) is a flagship international skills-sharing volunteer initiative. Designed to promote the transfer of skills and expertise between employees and social organizations, the GCP provides the opportunity for employees to leverage their existing talents and develop new skills while helping build the capacity of our partner organizations in the areas of education and financial inclusion.

Since its launch in 2010, more than 300 Credit Suisse employees have gone on assignments in 50 countries, working at the local level to respond to pressing needs of our partners. This immersive, on-the-ground experience helps Credit Suisse employees address strategic business needs authentically and holistically. The GCP enables our employees to contribute to the mission of our financial inclusion and education non-profit partners around the world, develop leadership skills through a unique and motivating experience and demonstrate our belief that a sound social and economic environment is an important factor in determining Credit Suisse's long-term success.

This year marks the 10-year anniversary of the two Credit Suisse's global philanthropic initiatives: Financial Education Initiative and Financial Inclusion Initiative.

The main goal of our initiatives is to support economic growth and social advancement in the developing parts of the world by partnering with nonprofit and other social organizations. Pairing financial support from Credit Suisse, with the skills-based volunteering of our employees, allows our partners to truly scale their impact in all 53 countries where they are active.

Financial Inclusion

Through our Financial Inclusion Initiative, we help to foster innovation in microfinance institutions and other financially inclusive organizations at a global level to give people at the base of the income pyramid better access to banking services. The initiative supports the capacity building of organizations that cater to small businesses through microloans, savings, insurance and other financial products and services targeted at low-income clients.

Financial Education

Global Education Initiative and our regional education activities support a variety of programs that improve access to education. For example, the Financial Education for Girls program aims to improve the financial education and life skills of adolescent girls in Brazil, China, India, and Rwanda and to encourage them to transition through secondary school. This signature program teaches girls about their rights and responsibilities, saving and spending, planning and budgeting, as well as starting their own mini-enterprises.

Since 2010, nearly 500 Credit Suisse employees have been on an education or financial inclusion assignment with one of our partners. Our employees can apply their specialist skills and experience to support our partners in achieving their missions.