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Start it right. Start with us.

Joining one of our internship or full-time programs means offering your career the best possible starting point. Find out what it takes to get there.

Your individuality.
Our shared success story.

It doesn't matter whether or not you are a Finance major. Many of our colleagues come from a wide range of backgrounds. We value different experiences and viewpoints. What we really look for is passion, ambition and a strong will to go the extra mile. Choose your program of interest and get ready for the three steps to your success.

Application process



Online application

How your online application wows us

Before you apply, we encourage you to attend our events and read about our programs to find the one that best suits your qualifications and interests. You will be asked to submit your CV, a cover letter is optional. Application requirements vary by role and will be outlined in the job description.



An interview with a lasting impression

Interviews are your opportunity to learn more about us, but also to share more about yourself. Depending on the position, two or three interviews are conducted over the phone or in person. The interviews focus on your skills, field of expertise and potential as well as the program and team.


Assessment tests

And last of all: the assessment tests

As a final step and depending on the position, you may be asked to complete an online assessment after you submit your application. The combination of tests takes 25 to 45 minutes, without retakes. Assessments support us in making objective, unbiased selection decisions.

Tips for your application

Create an outstanding resume

  • Focus on your academic background, professional experiences and relevant accomplishments, two pages maximum.
  • Provide basic details about each milestone and add interesting details about how you contributed.
  • Avoid leaving gaps and make sure to have an explanation ready for them.
  • Add personal motivation that give us an insight into you and your interest in the position. Keep it short and professional.

Write a unique cover letter

  • Give us an idea about who you are and why you want to work at Credit Suisse.
  • Focus on answering the questions: Why are you interested in the position? What makes you qualified for it? And why should you get it?
  • Specify what aspects of the position are of particular interest to you and what you can offer.
  • Limit yourself to two or three paragraphs, but not more than one page.

Shine in the interview

  • Prepare well and research about our fields of work and company in advance. Bring a list of questions if you want.
  • Take your time before answering questions, speak clearly, and use specific examples where appropriate. Be thorough in your responses, but avoid rambling.
  • Give honest and genuine answers and try to give a professional impression. Be prepared to give examples from your background.
  • Think about your next career steps and display your motivation and interest for the position.

A new challenge. Apply now.

Make an impact to clients, employees and communities globally. Take advantage of an empowering environment, with challenges to help you grow and colleagues that inspire.

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Get answers to the frequently asked questions

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  • Do you offer internships at other times?

  • When will Credit Suisse visit my campus?

  • Can I apply to more than one business area?

  • How important is my work experience?

  • What type of training will I receive during the internship?

  • Does Credit Suisse offer scholarships?

  • I am still in high school. Are there opportunities for me?

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