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Young people learn at the library

Information days for apprenticeships

Get to know us better

Before you decide on an apprenticeship, you should know exactly what you are getting into. That is the aim of our information days for apprenticeships.

Curious? Here's what our information days for apprenticeships offer.

The information days for apprenticeships are perfect for you if you would like to:

  • Try out being behind a bank counter.
  • Immerse yourself in the everyday work of a modern IT organization.
  • Learn how to develop customized solutions for sophisticated clients.
  • Know how IT teams of a major bank jointly develop innovative solutions.
  • Participate in the preparation and execution of a client meeting.
  • Experience how people from different nations work together.
  • Find out how you will be supported during your apprenticeship.
  • Experience first-hand how varied the work at a globally active bank is.

Here, you can see for yourself what it's like to work in banking or IT and find out whether an apprenticeship with us is right for you. Following the trial apprenticeship, your parents are also welcome to meet with us.

Prerequisites. What you need to have.

Applicants must have completed the highest level of secondary education, have a good performance record, and be interested in banking and business and/or IT. In addition, you plan to begin an apprenticeship after you get your school-leaving certificate. 

Registration. Here's how it works.

The number of participants is limited for the information days for apprenticeships.

On our event portal, you will find all events and opportunities to register for information days for apprenticeships from February. You can apply there directly. Under "Region," please select "Switzerland" and under "Type," please select "Apprentice." You can leave the "University" and "Department" fields blank. After you start the search, you will see a list of all events. Now choose your preferred date and location and click on "Register." Don't forget to upload the required documents, such as your transcripts.

Be there. Your entry into the professional world.

Our Young Talents team is looking forward to getting to know you during the information days for apprenticeships. We look forward to meeting you and answering your questions.

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