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 A young man smiling while going to work

HMS/WMS internship

Discover the world of banking

Find out what makes the world of finance tick during your commercial or business high school internship. You're in exactly the right place with us.

Apply your knowledge. Gain work experience here.

During your commercial or business high school internship, you will complete two semester-​long assignments in our Private Banking and Wealth Management departments. Right from the start, you will gain practical work experience and take on responsibility. Our experienced professional trainers are always there to support you.

Business people smiling on the meeting

Learn together. A large network is waiting for you.

At a Challenge Your Potential (CYP) training center, you will complete the banking-specific learning module in 12 school days and thus expand your theoretical knowledge in the financial sector. During the course, you will take an exam and complete two evaluations of learning success. In addition, you will get to know many interns from other banks and start building a valuable network.

A career springboard. Your future could look like this.

You've completed the practical assignments with us and passed your exams at CYP – congratulations on graduating from commercial or business high school (HMS/WMS)! Now you have numerous career opportunities with us. For example, you can work in client-facing positions, such as in the areas of private banking, wealth management, or digital banking. Or you can combine your job with a part-time course of study at a university of applied sciences.

Young businessman working in the office

Join the team. Apply now.

If you would like to discover the world of finance and work with employees and clients from many different areas, our HMS/WMS internship is perfect for you.

The program starts on August 1 every year. To apply, you must be between 18 and 25 years old and meet the following requirements:

  • You must be in the third year of attending a commercial or economic school with the 3+1 model, with the aim of obtaining a Certificate of Qualification from the Swiss Federation and a vocational baccalaureate (a completed apprenticeship does not qualify you for the HMS/WMS internship).
  • You are interested in a practical career path and part-time study.
  • You are fluent (both written and spoken) in the local language of the training region (German, French, Italian).
  • English and other languages are an asset.
  • You have a solid interest in banking and financial topics.
  • You possess strong suitability for client-facing roles.
  • You have strong team spirit and motivation.


With your job application, we expect the following:

  • Statement of motivation
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Copies of transcripts from the completed semesters at a commercial high school / economic high school (HMS/WMS) and any other upper secondary education establishments
  • Employment references and language diplomas (if available)

Credit Suisse Group AG has been acquired by UBS Group AG. The two banks continue their business activities independently, including hiring for apprenticeships and high school programs.

Show us what you can do. Your entry into the professional world.

Are you motivated and full of energy? Then get started with us – just apply online. We look forward to hearing from you!