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Commercial apprenticeship

A springboard into banking

Start a commercial apprenticeship! Learn in a well-founded commercial apprenticeship, gain practical experience, and work in a team that encourages you.

A combination of theory and practice. Our commercial apprenticeship.

At Credit Suisse, you can complete a commercial apprenticeship* in any region in Switzerland. If you prefer to pursue an apprenticeship that will end with a Certificate of Qualification of the Swiss Federation and a Federal Vocational Baccalaureate qualification, there are also development opportunities available for you outside of the banking sector. In Zurich, you can also select the "commercial apprenticeship with vocational baccalaureate focus*" model. This apprenticeship begins with an attractive and varied initial full-time training year.

At you will find a wealth of information relating to occupational profiles, job applications, apprenticeship placements, salaries, training, the Federal Vocational Baccalaureate, and careers.

One apprenticeship. Many opportunities.

560 Young Talents in our Swiss apprenticeships

Opportunities for language stays and assignments

throughout the country

Team volunteering activities

Support during events

  • Gain practical work experience

  • Learn more at a vocational school

  • Benefit from experienced professional trainers

After the apprenticeship. Your career opportunities.

Exciting development opportunities await you once you have completed your banking apprenticeship. The bank offers professional career paths in various areas:

  • Digital client advisory services or assistance in the private or corporate client business, including preparation for the SAQ client advisor certification.
  • Working at BANK-now or at Swisscard AECS GmbH (both part of Credit Suisse).


  • Becoming a specialist in the credit business or in other non-front-office areas (e.g. Compliance).
  • Working in a role abroad.

With the Federal Vocational Baccalaureate, you study at a university of applied sciences either on a full-time basis or alongside your professional duties, earning a bachelor's degree at the end. You can also progress to studying at university by taking the additional "Passerelle" examination.

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Prerequisites. What you need.

If you have a great desire to immerse yourself in the world of banking and finance and enjoy interacting with other people, then you've come to the right place. To join us, you also need to have the following things:

  • Good grades from the highest level of secondary education
  • Motivation to start practical training
  • A trustworthy personality
  • A good head for figures and enjoyment of computer work
  • Strict attention to detail and reliability
  • Initiative and the ability to self-start

Dates. Don't miss them.

We are organizing this year's taster afternoons and information events together with UBS. You are welcome to register at the following link: Events | UBS Global. We look forward to meeting you in person!

Apply now for our commercial apprenticeship

Get started with us! Starting in July, we will publish our vacant apprenticeships on our job portal. Our commercial apprenticeships start on August 1, as this lines up with the school year.


Apply online

As soon as a position is advertised, you can apply online. Please note that we cannot consider any job applications sent via mail or email.


Shine in the interview

We review all job applications received and then invite suitable candidates to a job interview. A Young Talent Coach and a professional trainer will be at the interview.


Receive feedback

After the interview, you will receive prompt feedback from us as to whether we can offer you an apprenticeship.

Documents. What you need for the job application

We can only accept job applications via our online portal. Anything that we receive via mail or email will be returned. If you would like to apply, you should have the following documents ready to be uploaded:

  • School transcripts (at least the last four summer and winter semesters)
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Other diplomas or certificates

Credit Suisse Group AG has been acquired by UBS Group AG. The two banks continue their business activities independently, including hiring for apprenticeships and high school programs.

Apply now for our commercial apprenticeship

Are you motivated and full of energy? Then get started with us – just apply online. We look forward to seeing you.