Our People Meet Ty

Meet Ty

Title: Managing Director
Business Area: Global Markets
Location: New York
Joined Credit Suisse: May 2013

I've always had a fascination with the financial markets. I studied finance at Georgetown University, interned with another firm during college and then went to work for them full time after I graduated. I got my first trading book as a second-year Analyst, and spent 15 years with the same firm. Credit Suisse recruited me to join the firm in 2013.

The distinct culture at Credit Suisse appealed to me. We have a flat organizational structure, which means there aren't a lot of layers between the most junior employees and upper management. This is also a highly entrepreneurial firm and because of that we've been able to do some pretty revolutionary things across capital markets. If you have skill and an entrepreneurial mindset, you will not be held back.

Meet Ty – marathoner, father, New Yorker, team player, athlete, bookworm, achiever, leader

I'm head of the U.S. Treasury Trading desk, which is housed within the Solutions group within our Global Markets division. There's a fast pace to the product. I like the fact that we have to make decisions quickly, based on a wide range of macro-economic and geopolitical factors.

I'm passionate about the markets and about cultivating a winning team. Every day I'm driven to make sure that my team performs at a high level. We are a young desk, and a pretty tight-knit group. We sit close to each other all day and rely on each other to be successful. Everyone here approaches their job in a disciplined and systematic way, and they are extremely smart. I like to say that the IQs of people here are 10 points higher than at other places.

Being a leader means leading by example. I wouldn't ask people to do anything that I wasn't willing to do myself. When something significant happens in the markets, we have to be willing to work long hours; sometimes through the night. Fortunately, that doesn't happen too often.

I make it a priority to stay mentally and physically fit. Even on my busiest days I try to find time to exercise, usually in the morning, four to six days a week. I'm a pretty active CrossFit athlete, and I've run some marathons. Beyond that, I spend a lot of time with my family. I'm not a guy who believes in face time, and I encourage my team to try to maintain their own balance between work and their personal lives.