Our People Meet Olivier

Meet Olivier

Title: Career Starter
Business Area: International Wealth Management
Location: Zurich
Joined Credit Suisse in December 2015

I studied business engineering and did my Master's in entrepreneurship, with a focus on technology companies. When it came to companies that I wanted to work for, Credit Suisse was my top choice. I was drawn to the company's focus on innovation and its long history in wealth management. The company is focused on the future – and I wanted to be part of it.

I started with the Career Start program, and I'm currently in the Advisory and Sales Management division. My team uses technology and sales initiatives to make our work easier to manage and more efficient. This allows our relationship managers to spend more time with clients, rather than on administrative tasks. We also support the management team with technology projects, reporting and helping them find innovative solutions to problems.

Meet Olivier – technologist, snowboarder, dancer, quick thinker, innovator, traveler, problem solver, instructor

I attended the Credit Suisse Insight program, a three-day training program that included a business competition with other teams. We also heard presentations from Technology and Investment Banking specialists. The presenters were all very interesting and experts in their respective fields. I don't have a strong finance background, so I've taken every opportunity I can to learn more about the industry and business. It was the best training I've ever had.

I enjoy problem solving and being part of a team. When we're faced with a challenge or a difficult task, we work together and do everything we can to find the solution. If we hear from senior leadership that they're pleased with the results, then it's that much more gratifying.

I've also had the opportunity to meet with many people and explore roles throughout the company. I am working now in International Wealth Management and will do my rotation within the Swiss Universal Bank. I feel that if you're hard working and passionate about a specific area, then the company will have an opportunity for you. 

Every work day is different. It's all project based, and for me that's a positive. I like the challenge of having to think fast and react quickly to issues. I also like that my tasks change, depending on the project. For example, I might be taking care of three or four issues that have surfaced with a new tool we created on one day. The next, we might be launching a new sales initiative, so I'm figuring out what my contribution will be and how I can help the project succeed.

I have a lot of passions; it just depends on how much time I have to pursue them. I used to be a dance teacher and organized dance-related activities. I also tried to start several small companies when I was student before I transitioned into the financial services industry. I snowboard, and I love to travel. I think you can really grow as a person when you're on your own meeting new people in new places.