Our People Meet Michael

Meet Michael

Title: Head of Specialized Valuation Control and Structured Trade Reviews
Business Area: Product Control
Location: Singapore
Joined Credit Suisse: 1995

I joined Credit Suisse in our London office, right after I finished my Chartered Accountancy training. Since then I've worked in four different countries in ten different roles. 

I was drawn to the company's international opportunities. I started in Product Control in London, and then requested a transfer to the New York office, where I spent two years. I later worked in Zurich with the product control team and then returned to the U.K., where my wife and I started a family. We've now been in Singapore for the past nine years. The international travel, combined with the dynamic nature of the work, has been great.

Meet Michael – father, husband, change maker, world traveler, mentor, innovator, coach, data lover

I currently manage a team of 75 people working in our Credit Suisse Pune, India offices. My team executes a centralized valuation control and structured trade review function. I try to get to India at least once a quarter and meet as many people as I can. I schedule town halls, deep dives and lunches as I'd like to be able to speak with as many people as I can across all levels.

I love working with all the talented people we have here and seeing what they can achieve. I enjoy developing, coaching and mentoring my staff, and helping them realize their potential. We have such great people and they work together very well. The people and culture are one of the key reasons why I've stayed with the company so long. They are welcoming and friendly, and the culture is supportive and accommodative. At the same time, we're very clear on what we need to do and the results we expect.

I'm passionate about quality and excellence. I try to instill in everybody the same sense of professionalism and excellence that I received through my own accountancy training. I encourage a fact-based approach to solving problems. I want my team to fully understand the process and the issues and problems; and then determine the right course of action.

My typical day is a balance of trying to push us forward strategically, while ensuring we're delivering on our daily deliverables and obligations. I also tend to get involved in a number of activities related to change and the company's vision for the future. I'm working with senior leadership on strategy and how we can use innovative technologies to enhance our work.

I've found a nice balance between my work and my family life. I'm married and have two teenage children. They both go to the international school where my wife also teaches. Right now the children are at the center of most things, and we travel quite a bit for their sporting events. I think the important thing is to be able to walk away from work and grab time for yourself when you can; whether it's meeting friends for lunch, going to the gym or taking a vacation. Credit Suisse has always been supportive of having that flexibility.