Careers Learn. Grow.

Learn. Grow.

Success in no coincidence. It's a result of vision, expertise and adaption in an ever changing environment. We believe in life-long learning and we grow our talents from within. Through internal mobility. Through dedicated training. And through leadership.

Credit Suisse Management Excellence Program

Success is no coincidence. We believe it is a result of lifelong learning, expertise, and adaption to ever-changing environments. Growing our talent from within through dedicated training is core to our sustainable development.

Learning and development is especially necessary at critical inflection points throughout employees' careers, such as when they move into managerial roles. The advancement requires new organizational skills, business competencies, and leadership qualities that many employees have not yet encountered in their careers. To support rising leaders, Credit Suisse developed the Management Excellence Program, which sets the foundation for employees growing into a managerial role.

The mandatory intensive training program involves interactive sessions that include self-assessments, group work, and experience exchanges. Among the many responsibilities of a manager, the program teaches employees how to turn ethics into action, how to inspire their peers by demonstrating integrity, trust, and inclusive thinking, and how to set ambitious and specific objectives that lead to productive performance conversations.

Since 2017, 2,516 new managers have participated in the program. The total average satisfaction rating reached 88%.