Careers Engage. Be recognized.

Engage. Be recognized.

We give responsibility to our people. We take personal ownership and deeply engage with clients and stakeholders. We strive for excellence in everything we do, knowing that outstanding performance is recognized, embraced and rewarded.

Engage. Be recognized.

Credit Suisse Employee Award Program. Your time to shine.

At Credit Suisse, our ethics are everything. They are at the core of how we pursue opportunities, innovate, and conduct ourselves in each interaction. Most importantly, they guide each of our employees and the excellence of our work.

We understand the importance of recognizing and rewarding outstanding performance among our ranks. The Credit Suisse Employee Award shines a spotlight on employees who act as role models, deliver results for stakeholders, and embody our values. This award pays tribute to employees whose annual performance made a meaningful difference for our clients, for our shareholders, for our colleagues, or in the communities where Credit Suisse operates.

Launched in 2017, the program gives Credit Suisse employees the opportunity to nominate their peers in six categories based on our Conduct and Ethics Standards: Client Focus, Meritocracy, Stakeholder Management, Accountability, Partnership, and Transparency. Winners in each category are chosen by the Credit Suisse Executive Board, which gives the winning employees recognition and visibility across divisions and geographies.

IWM CEO's Club. For our star employees.

A culture of excellence is of the utmost importance for Credit Suisse. The concrete example of their dedication to striving for excellence and recognizing outstanding performance is the International Wealth Management (IWM) CEO’s Club launched in 2016.

Each year, 40 top performing IWM employees - out of over 10,000 working across the globe - are invited to join this truly exclusive Club. To become a member, one has to not only comply with all applicable laws, regulations and policies, but also go the extra mile and act as a role model with a strong collaborative spirit – across all segments, all regions, and all seniority levels.

IWM top performers are identified in three main categories with transparent nomination criteria. Therefore each employee stands a chance to be recognized:

  • Best Relationship Managers are selected based on financial performance.
  • Capabilities & Enablers Pioneers are nominated due to their extraordinary and impactful actions.
  • The third category has the most special criteria and unique rationale: Peers Who Inspire are chosen by votes cast by other IWM team members.

The winners in all categories are announced at the beginning of a year, which with no doubt is an incentive to embrace the starting year with a deep engagement and a sense of personal ownership.