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Purpose-led. Client-focused.

Our purpose-led approach puts clients at the heart of everything we do. It drives our ambitions, creates an inclusive culture and provides a clear path to a successful future for the bank and society.

"We build lasting value by serving our clients with care and entrepreneurial spirit"

Devised in 2020 after a year-long review by our colleagues, this purpose statement expresses what we’re all about at Credit Suisse. It shows that we live and breathe service. That we recognize the interconnectedness of success – ours, our clients’ and that of the communities around us. That we put lasting value at the heart of our business and our culture, and through investments in growth, protection of wealth and financing of business have a positive impact on other important stakeholders.

We recognize the power of our purpose to enable our strategy, engage our employees, and deliver for our clients and stakeholders. We bring it into our everyday working lives in our transactions, relationships and decision-making across our global business. It drives us to improve performance, to innovate and to strive for excellence in all that we do.

How the Credit Suisse team created the purpose statement

How the Credit Suisse team created the purpose statement
A year-long effort by our employees

A culture united by purpose

Through this collective purpose comes a mutual mindset. Colleagues at all levels of the bank are committed to six cultural values that define the way we relate, communicate, collaborate and succeed. Values inform behaviors, and we implement and evaluate both through our performance management and promotion tools. These frameworks recognize positive behaviors, offer guidance and training, and ensure appropriate governance and sanctions where needed. Our values make an IMPACT:


We build on these foundations – and make progress happen. The entrepreneurial mindset of our employees drives the world-class, innovative solutions we offer our clients. Our collective passion for the work we do allows us to grow individually and as a team and win the appreciation of colleagues and clients alike, contributing to the success of our organization.

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One vision. Diverse voices.

We want all society to be reflected in our workforce and all our employees to feel included and realize their full potential. These diverse perspectives, combined with an inclusive culture, allow us to make better decisions, stimulate innovation, and increase our organizational agility and resilience to disruption. Inclusive organizations maximize the power of all differences and realize the full potential of all of their employees.

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Creating value. Sustainably.

In our daily efforts, we always strive to create a sustainable value for all our stakeholders and embed our corporate responsibility in every aspect of our work. From our duties as a financial services provider and employer to our role as an integral part of economy, society and environment. Learn more about our structure, strategy, corporate responsibility efforts and more.

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