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To your advantage. In the job and beyond.

Our organization is only as good as every individual. This is why we focus on creating the best conditions, inside and outside our company.

Work in a thriving environment with numerous benefits

As an employee, you are part of our Credit Suisse team and can look forward to an attractive workplace, inspiring colleagues and our support for what is important for you outside of our organization. For us, your professional and private life can and shall go hand in hand. Because your well-​being and that of your loved ones matter.

Please note that your benefits may vary depending on your location.

Parents' leave

We care about your family and ensure you have quality time with them, with programs that include maternity, paternity and adoption leave.

Childcare services

Our childcare services create a safe place for your little ones, so that you can focus while they are in good hands.

Eldercare advice

When older family members are in need of care, not only their lives become more challenging. Make use of our eldercare advice.

Flexible jobs

For a harmonious interplay of your job and personal life, we offer flexible work schedules and job-sharing possibilities.

Attractive work environment

With our Smart Working concept in many locations, we offer you to choose a workspace based on your individual needs.

Health programs

Those who work on the future like to stay fit in the present. Benefit from a range of wellness offers as well as internal fitness centers.

Culinary offers

Your culinary well-being is also taken care of. With internal staff restaurants and lunch vouchers.

Attractive discounts

As our employee, you get discounts on a variety of our products and services, but also on some of our partners' offers.

Competitive salaries

We focus on offering you financial benefits as well: competitive compensation packages are part of every agreement.

A new challenge. Apply now.

Make an impact to clients, employees and communities globally. Take advantage of an empowering environment, with challenges to help you grow and colleagues that inspire.

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Discover where our 45,000+ employees work around the world, and where we are looking for new colleagues.

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Find out about the different job categories within our bank, how they operate, and which is the right one for you to make your mark.

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