Internship Opportunities EMEA Investment Banking and Capital Markets (Analyst and Associate)

EMEA Investment Banking and Capital Markets (Analyst and Associate)

Fresh thinking and creative business solutions are at the core of what we do. When you join our Investment Banking and Capital Markets team, you will work alongside people who structure and execute the innovative deals that are transforming today’s corporate landscape.

Our IBCM Analyst Programs are designed for rising university students, while our IBCM Associate Programs are geared toward MBA students. We place Analysts and Associates with either the Investment Banking or the Capital Markets teams. If you are placed in Investment Banking, you’ll learn how we use our expertise to navigate complex mergers and acquisitions, financing and restructuring. In Capital Markets, you’ll analyze companies using advanced financial techniques, and examine the impact of transactions on clients’ capital structure and business.

We run two internships for IBCM:

  • IBCM Summer Internship (June – August) – Penultimate Year Students (Analyst and Associate)
  • IBCM Autumn Internship (September – December) – Final Year Students (Analyst only)

In both cases you will have the opportunity to:

  • Complete pre-work and recommended reading to enhance your knowledge of the financial industry. 
  • Gain an understanding of market data and technical skills. 
  • Learn corporate valuation, accounting and modeling. 
  • Make final case study presentations to senior bankers, simulating the experience of pitching to a company's board of directors.
  • Learn from the experience of our highly regarded in-house professionals.