Internship Opportunities EMEA Global Markets: Research (Analyst only)

EMEA Global Markets: Research (Analyst only)

As an Analyst intern working in Research, your contributions will be significant. You’ll help create research that is crucial to our transactions and provide market and security-specific intelligence to our clients, including institutional investors, central banks, government treasuries and hedge funds.

Each research team has its own flavor. For example, Equity Research specializes in analytical frameworks, proprietary methodologies and unique data sources to help clients meet their investment goals. Meanwhile, Fixed Income and Economics Research provide information on trading strategies, index products and strategic insights on global issues covering fixed income, commodities, foreign exchange, credit, emerging markets and securitized products.

Join us and you’ll benefit from:

  • Exceptional technical and capital markets training from some of the industry’s top instructors.
  • A challenging curriculum designed to enhance your functional knowledge.