Full-Time and Graduate Programs EMEA Investment Banking and Capital Markets (Analyst and Associate)

EMEA Investment Banking and Capital Markets (Analyst and Associate)

As a full-time Analyst or Associate in our Investment Banking and Capital Markets (IBCM) group, you will work alongside professionals who execute the large, innovative deals that are transforming today’s corporate landscape.

If you join the Investment Banking team, you’ll see how we put our expertise to work on some of the most intricate and challenging mergers, acquisitions, financings and restructurings in the world. In our Capital Markets business, you will analyze companies using various advanced financial techniques. You’ll train and work alongside people who are experts in their product groups, and who regularly devise and execute transactions that make international headlines. 

Our full-time Analyst positions are open to undergraduates and students studying for their Master’s degree in any discipline. We provide a rich development environment by combining formal training, on-the-job experience and mentoring.

Our full-time Associate programs are open to candidates with an MBA or equivalent. We don’t specify a particular type of background; however, you will need to have three to four years of work experience.

Both programs offer an opportunity to:

  • Train in a comprehensive six-week global program in one of our global hubs.
  • Develop corporate valuation methodologies, and accounting and financial modeling skills.
  • Participate in transactions across a variety of market sectors and products (M&A, equity, debt).
  • Benefit from regular performance reviews and feedback sessions.
  • Apply what you've learned by making final case study presentations to senior bankers, simulating the experience of pitching to a company's board of directors.
  • Grow an invaluable network across our divisions and organizations that can help you advance your career.