Full-Time and Graduate Programs EMEA Asset Management (Analyst only)

EMEA Asset Management (Analyst only)

You’ll gain expertise in the sophisticated area of alternative investments, and understand how to help clients’ meet their investment objectives. You’ll work within private equity, hedge strategies, credit investments or diverse strategies. As a recognized leader in this area, we develop creative, cutting-edge solutions to help clients solve some of their most complicated investment dilemmas.

This full-time Analyst program is open to undergraduates and students studying for their Master’s degree in any discipline. By combining formal training, on-the-job learning and mentoring, we provide a rich development environment.

Join us and you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Train in a program based on your specific fund placement.
  • Participate in our Private Banking and Wealth Management Products Analyst Training Program.
  • Gain an understanding of the market data and technology tools you'll use during training.
  • Listen to business presentations from senior managers.
  • Receive FSA training where relevant; you will sit for exams before the completion of the program.