Technology Careers Experienced Professionals: Expand your Expertise

Experienced Professionals: Expand your Expertise

As an innovative and agile technology organization, we need a diverse workforce of hands-on, experienced professionals who are ready to solve existing and new challenges in new ways and put their skills to work. We offer our employees a modern working environment and attractive, flexible working models, including the ability to work from home or part-time for many of our positions. We also offer competitive compensation packages and excellent benefits.

Experienced Professionals: Expand your Expertise

We have opportunities in a number of areas, including:

  • Application Development: Code, design, implement, deploy – and have fun doing so in a fast-paced, exciting technology environment. We continuously look for experienced developers who have veteran technology knowledge and domain skills to help us deliver results for the bank and more importantly, to our clients.
  • Systems Architecture and Engineering: Our system architects and engineers excel at building and rationalizing core systems and delivering our target architecture end state to support the sheer speed, down to the micro-second, of how we do business.
  • User and Production Support: Operational stability is essential to ensure that the bank operates efficiently. We rely on our highly-skilled user and production support staff to work with our end-users to assess and fix technical problems. These individuals help the bank do business every day, and help ensure there is minimal downtime or disruption.
  • Quality Management and Testing: High-quality software is key to the bank’s success – a trading system bug or vulnerability could be catastrophic for the firm and our clients. That’s why we hire only the best and brightest Quality Management and Testing professionals worldwide. We cover the full spectrum of testing: functional, user acceptance, integration, and regression testing, and offer the opportunity to move internally within areas of specialization.
  • Technology Operations: Our Technology Operations team has a wide array of responsibilities, from configuring business applications, to maintaining databases, monitoring application performance and integrating systems with vendor products.

Enhance Your Expertise

When you join us, you will have the opportunity to utilize the latest technology, and to work on initiatives that have a long-lasting impact on the firm, such as:


  • Time-critical trading applications and banking applications (electronic banking and trading): Our cutting-edge trading systems need to execute trades, securely and accurately, in fractions of seconds to remain competitive and deliver value to our clients.
  • High performance databases and data warehouses: Our people are passionate about data, and how it fuels our mission-critical applications. We work with petabytes of data stored in high-performance enterprise databases and data centers. We need skilled professionals to keep our databases and data centers running smoothly, and to help us think of new innovative ways to use data to create new platforms to meet our clients’ needs.
  • High data security areas:  We have an elite team of experienced cyber-security professionals worldwide that keep our systems safe and secure, and we continuously look for top talent to join our team.
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Established and New Technologies: 

  • Java/JEE: EJB, JPA, JSF, JMS: These are just a few of the object-oriented database languages that you can program in at Credit Suisse. If you think and dream in code, and are excited about developing powerful technology that will have an impact, then you may be an ideal fit for us.
  • Mainframe: PL/I, DB2, IMS: Think COBOL is a dead language? Think again. Mainframe programmers are still very much in demand, especially in the financial services sector. We are always eager to hear from “old school” developers who can fix modern world technology problems. 
  • Integration: Web Services, WebSphere MQ: We are continuously planning, creating, and managing sophisticated business-facing web sites (such as CSPlus, our flagship client portal). We need experienced talent who can deliver state-of-the-art, web-based technology for our users.
  • Cloud computing, mobile development, smart working solutions: These technologies are more than just buzz words at Credit Suisse ― our technology professionals are competing with the big-name, high-tech start-ups with our adoption and use of cloud computing and mobile development. We are also moving away from traditional workspaces in favor of modern work environments that allow our technologists to work more comfortably and more efficiently.

Internals First is a unique concept among our competitors and demonstrates Credit Suisse’s commitment to helping our employees build vibrant internal career paths.

Della Sabessar, Global Head of Experienced Talent Acquisition.

We Focus on Your Career Development

We want you to continue to grow and build on your current expertise. We’ll offer continuous support for your professional and personal development, including mentoring and training in technical areas or other disciplines within Credit Suisse. 

We also put great emphasis on internal mobility. In 2014, more than 4,600 employees across all regions and divisions made an internal move. This is largely due to our successful ‘Internals First’ program, which allows recruiters to proactively identify internal talent for open roles across the bank. We will always strive to develop, retain and cultivate the talent we have rather than see our people leave and grow their careers further elsewhere.