Careers Candidate Data Protection Directive

Candidate Data Protection Directive

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By submitting your information and consenting by responding to this email message accordingly, you agree that the information that you have submitted and any other personal information e.g. name, telephone number, address, email address, professional and employment history and any other CV data, and information relating to your status or history as, or relationship with, a government official (if applicable), background checks* (including but not limited to references, criminal records checks, credit history/debt collection register information) provided by you and/or legally obtained about you during the recruitment process, including without limitation via Internet searches (hereinafter “Personal Data”) will be included in a global talent database and in other related databases (hereinafter “Databases”) internally or externally hosted. 

Your Personal Data may be transferred and used by Credit Suisse Group AG, Paradeplatz 8, 8001 Zurich, Switzerland and its affiliates and/or subsidiaries (collectively “Credit Suisse”) located in for example but not limited to USA [Credit Suisse Securities (USA) LLC], in Singapore [Credit Suisse AG, Singapore Branch], in Hong Kong [Credit Suisse AG Hong Kong Branch], in UK [Credit Suisse (UK) Limited], in Poland [Credit Suisse (Poland) Sp. z o.o.], in compliance with applicable law, in electronic and/or physical form, for the following purposes: to confirm references*, verify educational background*, employment history, compensation and any other information submitted by you, source and hire candidates, support the background check or onboarding process and satisfy any recruitment, management reporting, technical and administration requirements and ensure compliance with any procedures, laws and regulations to which Credit Suisse is subject to. 

You further agree that, for these purposes, your Personal Data may be held, processed and disclosed within Credit Suisse and between Credit Suisse and its service provider The Cluen Corporation based in the United States. 

Accordingly, you agree that your Personal Data, in electronic and/or physical form, may be stored, transferred or accessed across national borders and affiliated entities for these purposes. 

Credit Suisse will retain your Personal Data in the Databases for 24 months from the time it is last updated or reconfirmed by you. Additionally, during this period, we may use your Personal Data to assess your suitability for a particular position or for purposes related to subsequent applications or vacancies, and contact you using the contact details that you have provided or that are stored in these Databases. 

If you (i) have any questions about the way we collect and use your Personal Data; (ii) do not want us to contact you; (iii) no longer wish your Personal Data to be retained; (iv) wish to make a complaint in relation to the use of your Personal Data; or (v) wish to exercise your potential rights regarding access to the data, rectification, opposition and deletion, please inform us by sending an email to Strategic Recruiting PB&WM  at the following address:

In certain jurisdictions, applicable laws may prohibit the collection or retention of certain Personal Data and entitle you to a copy of certain Personal Data held by Credit Suisse, whether in manual records or on computer. Upon submission of a written request Credit Suisse will comply with all such laws where they apply. 

It is voluntary for you to provide Personal Data to Credit Suisse. However, if you do not confirm your consent as requested, it may not be possible to process your Personal Data.  

If you are applying for a position in Australia, or if you are a citizen of or domiciled in Australia and your Personal Data is collected or held in Australia, please note that the Australian Privacy and Credit Reporting Policy at contains details of how you may access and correct your personal data and how you may make a complaint if you believe there has been a breach by us of your privacy. 

I hereby consent to the collection, retention, use and disclosure of my Personal Data as described above. In addition, I agree that the information I submit, will be true, accurate and not misleading. 

* Please note that in certain jurisdictions (incl. Germany), such “background checks” will not be carried out prior to the signing of an explicit consent to that effect. To the extent that you are not requested by Credit Suisse to provide an additional, explicit consent to the collection or processing of any such information as part of the recruitment and onboarding, your consent to the terms of this Candidate Data Protection Directive will be relied upon by Credit Suisse for the collection and processing of such “background check” information.