The Future of Technology as Seen by Credit Suisse
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The Future of Technology
as Seen by Credit Suisse

Every year, the outgoing Credit Suisse technical analysts (TAs) are given a team challenge as their final project. Usually this involves solving a technical problem or building an app or program. This year, the TAs were tasked with something a bit different: they were asked to put together an event showcasing the future of technology at Credit Suisse. To meet this challenge, the TAs in London, New York, and Raleigh developed IT Expos.

Credit Suisse 2017 London IT Expo

Each IT Expo focused on "The Future of Technology" and explored how data analytics, cybersecurity, machine learning and robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), the cloud and blockchain are shaping the financial industry. The events also explored how Credit Suisse is utilizing these technologies to continue the bank's success and deliver value to its clients. The TAs are exposed to all of this technology through their projects, coursework, and lectures.

"Credit Suisse has more than 9,500 employees working in technology in offices around the world. On any given day there are teams working on robotics, AI, data analytics, cybersecurity, blockchain – and the list goes on. It's such an exciting environment to learn and work – and offers so many different experiences," said Kelsie Patrick, a year three technical analyst in Credit Suisse's Raleigh office. "I didn't realize just how cutting edge technology needs to be at a financial firm of this size."

IT Expos: Exploring New-Tech Challenges

In all three offices, the TAs were split into four work streams: project management, marketing and communications, internal stakeholder management, and external vendor management. Over the course of eight weeks, they built an event program, organized speakers and exhibitors, found event sponsors, and managed logistics. The teams in New York and Raleigh even developed a mobile app, designed to help attendees stay informed about the Expos, with information such as speakers, agenda, and booth and room locations.

The expos had keynote speeches, panel discussions, and interactive booths from a wide variety of internal tech teams and external vendors. Outside speakers and exhibitors included executives from some of the leading tech and fintech companies, such as Amazon Web Services, Arista Networks, Cognizant, CloudServe, CrowdStrike, Dell EMC, IBM, Samsung, R3 Limited, Trill Analytics, and many more. Internal groups included CTO Big Data Lake, Cybersecurity, DevOps, GM Data Analytics, GSD Amelia, Robotics, SAMI, and Spark IT.

Credit Suisse 2017 RTP IT Expo

Buzz, Fun and Learning for All

"As part of this year's Credit Suisse Technical Analyst Challenge, our TAs from London, New York, and Raleigh organized an IT Expo in each region promoting "Technology for the Future." The events were attended by over 2,500 people and there was tremendous buzz, fun and learning – with booths, keynote speakers, workshops, raffle prizes, and panel discussions from industry leaders," said Rajan Vig, Managing Director in Credit Suisse's Group Chief Technology Officer division. "We are very proud of our TAs, who worked closely with internal teams, collaborated with external vendors, and fundraised within the community. Well done!"

Credit Suisse employees who attended the event, not only got to hear about the latest innovations, but got to see, touch, and, in some cases, try the latest in AI, robotics, and virtual reality.

"Technology is increasingly fundamental to the business of Credit Suisse, and that is reflected in the investments we make in the Technical Analyst program. The TAs are our pipeline for fresh talent, innovation, and future leadership. They also help build and strengthen the culture and ethos of the firm," said Ro Lissenden, Director, IT and Head of Credit Suisse Raleigh IT. "The IT Expos were a demonstration of that talent and innovation. They were a huge success. The TAs should be very proud."

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