Celebrating the 5th Year of Professionals Returning to Work
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Real Returns™
5th Year of Professionals Returning to Work

Today's professional careers can take many twists and turns and even pauses along the way. Some of the most successful and fulfilling careers include a career break for family, relocation, travel, or other reasons. However, once out of the workforce, it can be challenging to find a way to return – especially for more experienced professionals.

Since 2014, Credit Suisse is proud to have been at the forefront of supporting talented professionals in returning to work through its global Real Returns program. The initiative, which began in the UK and US, has since been extended to Switzerland and India. This program gives participants opportunities to work on challenging projects, update their technical skills, network with our leaders and be mentored by some of our brightest people.

The benefits are clear for the participants, who get to restart their careers with a strong support system. For Credit Suisse, the Real Returns program has become a recognized way of tapping into a more diverse talent pool. Since the program began, 245 professionals have joined the Real Returns program, with approximately 60% of participants moving into a permanent role.

"Diversity is a business imperative and we are committed to increasing the diversity of our workforce across the bank." says Siegfried Hoenle, Global Head of Recruitment, Development & Diversity at Credit Suisse. "Real Returns is one of the ways we are finding the diverse skills and experiences that we believe will strengthen the Credit Suisse team."

Real Returns Stories

Stacy C. – Director, Regulatory Affairs, New York

Joined the bank in 2014 through the first Real Returns program in New York. At the end of the program Stacy offered a permanent role in Regulatory Affairs and was recently promoted to Director level.     

"After a 15-year career at large law firms I took a career break for three years. When I decided to return to work, the Real Returns program enabled me to pursue a true second career path. I was excited to find a new opportunity, in a different industry, where I could apply my legal analytical skills and that played to my strengths in communication. I am proud to have been part of the inaugural Real Returns class for Credit Suisse and I look forward to watching the program continue to grow. I love when my path crosses with other Real Returns participants - such an experienced, diverse and energetic group and it is great that Credit Suisse recognizes this talent pool."

Satu J. – VP, Relationship Manager, IWM, Zurich

Joined the bank in 2016 through the Real Returns program in Zurich. At the end of the program Satu was offered a permanent role as a Relationship Manager for Nordic Private Banking clients.

"After taking a four-year career break, I missed the financial world and helping clients reach their goals. As a Finn, the thought of combining family and career felt very natural to me. Before moving to Switzerland, I had worked at a bank in Finland for many years, as a Unit Head in Private Banking. Through the Real Returns program, I am back in business again, using my experience to serve clients in the Nordic region. It’s great to have programs like Real Returns to facilitate and support more flexible working and equal choices. I’m grateful to have been part of this program; it offered me amazing support, access to networking opportunities and made the return to work smooth and fun."

Leaders Driving Change

Katarina R. – Managing Director, Global Lead Conduct and Ethics Implementation, UK

"I have had the benefit of a Real Returns candidate in my team every year since the program’s inception and have been impressed not only by the quality and proactivity of the candidates themselves, but also by the support and training the HR organization provides for participants as they return to work after a career break. It is a testament to the program that a core member of my team is a Real Returns candidate from the 2015 group who is now a permanent employee at Credit Suisse, and who brings a vast amount of experience from outside the corporate world which broadens the perspective of the overall team."

Shyamol Kumar S. – Director, COO, Group Operations, India

The  Real Returns program is a great platform facilitating people returning to an active and rewarding career in financial services. Credit Suisse is playing a leading role in attracting, retaining and promoting a diverse workforce. As a manager, the Real Returns program was an excellent opportunity for me to tap into a diverse talent pool, that could contribute to my function via different ideas, thoughts and experiences. Remember: "Diversity is reality and being inclusive is a choice". And being inclusive and having a diverse workforce is critical to ensure that we remain relevant and successful in the future."

Take the next step! Real Returns 2018 program dates

US Program (New York):

Program dates: February 26 – May 11, 2018
Application timeline: Applications now closed.
More information: Please contact us via real.returns@credit-suisse.com

Switzerland Program (Zurich):

Program dates: March 01 – June 30, 2018
Application timeline: Applications now closed.
More information: Please contact us via switzerland.realreturns@credit-suisse.com

UK Program (London):

Program dates: March 26 – July 13, 2018
Application timeline: Applications now closed.
More information: Please contact us via ukreal.returns@credit-suisse.com

India Program (Mumbai and Pune):

Program dates: June 18 - September 28, 2018
Application timeline: Until April 23, 2018
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