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Boost Your Career through Internal Mobility

Today, regular job changes are often a must to gain useful experience. There is, however, no need to jump ship. Four Credit Suisse employees explain how they made their career move within the bank.

The days of people remaining in the same job year after year are long gone. People want variety, exciting challenges, and opportunities to develop new skills. An innovative program at Credit Suisse – Internals First™ – gives employees the possibility of changing career while remaining with the company. In 2016 alone, more than 4,300 of our employees globally, or almost ten percent of the bank's total workforce, moved internally, including both cross-divisional and international moves.

Luxembourg – St. Moritz: The Road to Change

Umberto, originally from Italy, joined the Private Banking division of Credit Suisse in Luxembourg in 2007. "After living more than nine years away from my family I wanted to work closer to them," he recounts. Umberto, who had always wanted to be a relationship manager in Switzerland, had prepared himself well for such a change. He had completed Credit Suisse's Frontline Training certification program and subscribed to the bank's Internal Mobility website: "The internal job platform is really well done, enabling you to narrow down your search to very specific wishes," Umberto says. Interestingly enough, the Internal Mobility website attracts more than 3,000 clicks every week, so like Umberto many are using this tool to help facilitate their job search. In Umberto's case, a couple of months later his dream position popped up: "I got an alert that the St. Moritz Private Banking branch was looking for a native Italian relationship manager to deal with Italian-speaking clients. I applied immediately." A couple of weeks later Umberto was moving to St. Moritz.

Human Resources Actively Looks for Candidates

Employees are also actively approached regarding open vacancies. The innovative Credit Suisse Internals First™ program focuses on roles with transferable skills and approaches eligible candidates about these opportunities. Pawel at Credit Suisse's Business Delivery Center in Wroclaw, Poland, was one of those contacted by recruiters. "I joined the Global Markets division as Project Management Office (PMO) lead in early 2015. The following year I took a couple of months of voluntary leave to take care of my daughter. During this leave, I was approached about a new role as PMO lead with greater responsibilities," Pawel recalls.

Internal Referrals – A Mobility Enabler

Hong Kong-based Belinda, who has a decade of experience in risk management, was referred thanks to contacts within Credit Suisse. After nearly five years in Operational Risk management, largely covering Global Markets, Belinda got a call: "The Chief Operating Officer (COO) team in Investment Banking & Capital Markets (IBCM) reached out to me in early 2016 offering me a similar position to what I was doing at the time, but with first-line business rather than second-line business. I accepted their offer without hesitation. It was the right time for me to move on," Belinda notes. Having the right skill set and knowing people who might be looking for profiles like yours are a way of facilitating internal moves.

Campus Recruitment – The Summer Route to a Full-Time Job

Brianna initially interned as a summer analyst in 2015. In August 2016 she joined the Global Market's CFO team as a full-time employee. "I learned about Credit Suisse at a Campus Recruiting event held at my college in New York. Several other Wall Street firms were present, but I was attracted to Credit Suisse due to its culture, reputation and global presence," explains Brianna. She spent her summer in GCP, where her manager gave her growth opportunities, assigning additional projects to expand her horizons and allowing her scope to explore different parts of the bank. "Months after I returned for my full-time position, a close colleague in the Debt Capital Markets (DCM) team mentioned they were interviewing for open positions," Brianna adds. The internal move went fast and Brianna switched to DCM as an analyst in the Financial Institution Group in early 2017.

Networking Expands Opportunities

Building a professional network around you is one of the key pieces of advice given by Credit Suisse employees. "Talk to your colleagues and understand what they actually do in the organization. You never know, you might be an interesting candidate for a position in a totally different area. One day these same colleagues may need someone with your skill set, remember you and speak to you about a new opportunity," Belinda says. Having a good relation with the bank's Internals First™ team is also an advantage. "It's worth having a frank and open discussion with them about your options and reviewing available job openings with them. It's much more effective than applying blindly for multiple positions," Pawel notes. These contacts are accessible via the HR Internal Mobility intranet.

Developing Your Career

"I would definitely recommend an Internal Mobility move and would do it again. To move and change environment and job teaches you numerous valuable lessons and enables you to give more of yourself," Umberto explains. "Internal mobility reflects the Credit Suisse culture. You should definitely take time to reflect every three to four years, and move on after a few years in the same position," echoes Belinda.

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