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Career restart

Re-enter the business world

The re-launch of your career is about to begin. Our Real Returns™ program offers talented senior professionals who have taken an extended career break a smooth transition back into the workforce.

Your new career is about to begin.

Deciding to go back to work after an extended leave, such as to care for a loved one, taking time to travel, or a mental health break, is both exciting and challenging. We have designed Real Returns™ to help talented professionals ramp up their skills, update their industry knowledge and boost their confidence. The result: A unique possibility for empowered, highly valuable candidates to seamlessly transition back into the workplace and continuously grow their careers.

Our Real Returns™ program is currently offered in the U.S., the U.K., India and Switzerland. It is paid and runs for approximately three to four months, depending on the location. You will have the opportunity to work on projects that match your skills and expertise and tap into a support network of like-minded professionals.

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As part of our Real Returns™ program, you will:

  • Have a mentor who supports you in re-establishing your place in the business world.
  • Benefit from an access to a group of like-minded professionals and program alumni.
  • Join a motivated team and be part of interesting and challenging projects.
  • Develop your technology, presentation and networking skills.
  • Dive back into the ever-evolving financial services industry.
  • Learn constantly due to training, enhance and build your industry knowledge through structured orientation modules and the people around you.

Come back. Join us.

Real Returns™ is offered in four countries on three continents. Find further information about the programs available across the globe, as well as key deadlines and regional contact information.

  • India Programs

  • Switzerland Program

  • United Kingdom Program

  • US Programs

A new challenge. Apply now.

Make an impact to clients, employees and communities globally. Take advantage of an empowering environment, with challenges to help you grow and colleagues that inspire.

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