Working together while being apart
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Working together while being apart

From video calls from home to socially-distanced meetings - we've adjusted to new ways of living and working as a result of the COVID-19 measures put in place for all of us to stay safe.

At Credit Suisse, our focus and commitment during this challenging time remains on serving our clients and colleagues. We understand the challenging situations that we all are facing, both professionally and personally. Crisis management teams globally are operating seamlessly to ensure the health and safety of our employees. To ensure that our colleagues receive the support they need, we introduced a fully paid family leave for all those employees who had to find childcare solutions due to school closures or needed to take care of older family members, in particular, as a result of the situation. We also provided financial support to purchase home office equipment and offered free antibody tests on a voluntary basis.

Many of our colleagues already benefit from flexible work arrangements. This is one reason that allowed us to transition smoothly. Now we all adjusted to new ways of working. And while we all miss the interactions, inspiring conversations, mutual support and creativity in the office, some of our employees working remotely have taken this as an opportunity. They have used creative thinking not only to adapt their working lives but also to find enriching activities to engage with colleagues from home.

What have we been doing while we work from home?

With the home office now widespread and most of us getting to grips with online meetings with the dog or a toddler clattering around in the background, our valued colleagues have taken things a step further: They've also been raising money, furthering their education and organizing virtual events that connect us with the teams we miss seeing every day.

Here are some examples of the things we've been doing:

Joining our team

Most of our recent new joiners, from interns to senior professionals, have been getting up to speed remotely. And so do many of us, as they continue to further their education by attending training virtually. Our Technology and Risk graduates in Poland started their global training online, and our Risk and Compliance team in APAC celebrated their colleagues' achievements with a virtual graduation ceremony. In the UK, our interns completed their four-week Steps to Success program with an online presentation demonstrating what they've learned in their time with us.

Team collaboration

Across our international teams we've held hundreds of virtual meetings and catch-ups to carry on working as a team and collaborating on new initiatives. To foster cohesion amongst colleagues, some teams organized virtual social events, such as a "bakeathon". They shared pictures of their beautiful cakes with other teams to encourage them to have fun doing something similar.

Health and wellbeing

Our Diversity & Inclusion Next Generation Network in Switzerland hosts weekly home workouts so we can all stay fit and try to replicate some of the shared experience of exercise we can't get from team sports or the gym. Crews of staff have been clocking up running miles competing in the B2 Mission. Some teams sent notes of appreciation to colleagues, keeping us connected and helping people feel valued.

Community and sustainability

Our US interns created greetings cards to raise money for the Henry Street Settlement charity. One colleague held a virtual seminar for our Polish office team, giving them ideas for easy environmentally friendly actions they can take at home.

It has been truly inspiring to see how we've all adapted to these different ways of working. While many of us already enjoyed Credit Suisse's flexible working approach where possible, the COVID-19 measures have been a big undertaking for everyone to manage. With the future still uncertain we're grateful for our colleagues' willingness to fully commit to this newly shaped working life. And it's even been fun too!

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