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Stepping up for a career-launching summer!

At Credit Suisse we train the next generation of client advisors, data specialists and project managers in banking. To give them a helping hand onto the career ladder our Summer Internship Program offers real-world challenges for the leaders of tomorrow.

What if you could get hands-on, meaningful experience of working in global banking? What if there was a network of supportive, helpful colleagues waiting to share their expertise and contacts? What if you found a workplace where your ideas are valued and your talent is nurtured? That's just what our Summer Internship Program (Switzerland) offers. Discover how our interns are getting the best possible kickstart to their banking careers.

The lowdown on the program

Leaving university is an exciting time – the world is opening up and you get to plot out your future from all the options available to you. Many young people want to start work in the banking industry but may not have any direct experience. We want to harness their potential and help them develop into successful colleagues, and the best way to do this is to get stuck in!

The 11-week Summer Internship Program provides on-the-job training in a choice of 12 career fields across our Swiss offices. It is aimed at ambitious, entrepreneurial Master's or PhD students who are about to graduate (or recent graduates) and looking to work in Switzerland during the summer months.

What's it like being a Credit Suisse Summer Intern?

We have all heard stories of tedious internships where people have spent their days making coffee and entering data instead of having meaningful, demanding tasks that help you develop. Not at Credit Suisse! We are proud of our challenging, rewarding program that ensures interns get the best possible experience of work and can make a real-time impact.

Here's what they do over their 11 weeks with us:

Onboarding – gaining insights into the bank

Our team of interns are never just thrown in at the deep end. They start with a series of introductory events providing insights into life at Credit Suisse. Senior colleagues take the time to explain not just specific products and tasks, but the broader industry as well.

'My line manager actually spent a lot of time with me explaining the industry and several products so that I understand what I'm dealing with.' (Vladislavs, 2019 Summer Intern)
'I was really involved, and that was the most important thing to me. I was taken into account as a team member and everything I brought to the table was listened to.' (Gloria, 2019 Summer Intern)

Taking responsibility for projects

Not every internship offers the chance to take responsibility for tasks and projects. At Credit Suisse we want everyone to have the opportunity to learn on-the-job, and to deliver tasks with the satisfaction that comes from knowing you really did it. Taking ownership of their work fosters self-confidence, helps develop skills and gives a sense of empowerment.

'They wanted to create a product tracker, or to make the automation of it, and I could help. I could jump right into it and learn Python by myself.' (Gloria, 2019 Summer Intern)
'You know that you are needed within the team. People rely on you.' (Simona, 2019 Summer Intern)

Although they work independently, our interns are always supported by colleagues who will talk them through what they're doing and show them how to successfully complete practical tasks, like preparing for meetings or speaking directly with clients.

One of the things our interns single out about their experience at Credit Suisse is the ability to work flexibly. They can choose what time to start and finish, and they control the timetable for their tasks.

'I had the freedom basically to allocate my time to these tasks as I wanted. That was actually pretty surprising to me.' (Vladislavs, 2019 Summer Intern)

Belonging to a community of colleagues

Joining a new workplace can be challenging, especially if it's your first experience in the world of work. That is the reason why our interns get involved straight away, as equal and valued members of the team. We provide a collaborative, supportive working environment, and we listen to what they bring to the table.

'What convinced me to stay at Credit Suisse [after the internship] was the people. They were really supportive, always there to help.' (Gloria, 2019 Summer Intern)
'I love the fact you can approach your line manager, your director or someone higher than you… [and] they are always available. They do care about you.' (Simona, 2019 Summer Intern)
'Everybody was extremely open. I felt comfortable.' (Vladislavs, 2019 Summer Intern)

The chance to build networks

One of the most valuable take-aways from our Summer Internship Program is the opportunity to grow your professional networks. Our colleagues are always happy to meet for coffee and share contacts or discuss ways to meet new people. This can help you progress up the career ladder and find essential support along the way.

'This way of building your network by contacting people that you never met was a good pro of the whole experience.' (Simona, 2019 Summer Intern)
'I used to just drop an email to someone and even if I've never met them they were always available to go for a coffee, maybe to explain their position and talk about new opportunities in other teams.' (Simona, 2019 Summer Intern)

Fancy spending summer with us? Dive right in!

There's no better way to spend your summer break than diving into the heart of international banking. If you'd like to enjoy exclusive events, invaluable networking opportunities and structured evaluations as well as getting hands-on experience, we'd love to hear from you.

Take the plunge and apply for our Summer Internship Program now. Your future self will thank you.