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Protecting resources to live sustainably – we're on it!

Welcome back to our sustainability ambassador series showcasing employees engaged in environmental and social initiatives. Here's how two inspiring colleagues are creating a more sustainable future.

As we see the very real impacts of climate change happening right now, it can be hard to know where to start making a difference. By sharing the stories of colleagues whose work is having a direct positive impact, we hope to inspire action and hope. When it comes to protecting precious resources and reducing our carbon footprint, at Credit Suisse we're on it!

Today we're delighted to be spotlighting the efforts of Bryan Osorio, IT Trade Management at IB Singapore and Chairman of the APAC Sustainability Network, and Guen Lamog, IT Trade Management at IB Singapore and Vice Chairman of the APAC Sustainability Network.

Introducing Bryan and Guen – our sustainability ambassadors!

Based in Singapore, the pair began their environmental activism in 2015 as volunteers for the Recycling Committee, organizing recycling events in the office – and even at the beach, amongst other places! Their passion for sustainable living grew and they became internal green ambassadors, advocating for environmental sustainability amongst their colleagues.

Motivated by a desire to save the Earth's resources for future generations, they have also been inspired by their colleagues' eagerness to learn more about sustainability. They believe each and every one of us can help protect resources and make an impact.

The APAC Sustainability Network debunks the concept of sustainability and gives people accurate information so they can contribute ideas and share practical ways of living and working more sustainably. Thanks to this work they've seen growing engagement and support for environmental initiatives in the workplace.

But Bryan and Guen's work doesn't stop there…

Driving behavioral change to support sustainability

Here are some of the ways they are making a difference:

  • Promoting awareness of sustainability topics in the APAC region
  • Running eco-education sustainability workshops
  • Encouraging eco-tourism
  • Organizing recycling and upcycling initiatives
  • Collaborating with our Corporate Citizenship team and external partners to provide experiential learning activities
  • Taking colleagues on trips to waste sorting centers and landfill sites
  • Holding workshops with the World Wildlife Fund for Nature
  • Organizing a virtual tour of a rooftop farm

All Guen and Bryan's work is about educating and encouraging rather than preaching. They believe that if people have the right information they will want to take positive action to secure a better future.

Simple tips for sustainable living

These two really walk their talk. Here are some of the things they do in their everyday lives to protect resources and reduce their carbon footprint – and they're all things you can do too!

  • Using public transport
  • Avoiding single-use plastics
  • Bringing reusable shopping bags and coffee cups
  • Buying locally
  • Selecting imperfect produce that might be wasted otherwise
  • Minimizing meat consumption
  • Making the best use of the resources available

In their own words

We asked Guen and Bryan to finish these sentences so we could learn more about what inspires and motivates them.

'I protect what is precious by…'

…starting sustainable practices in our offices and homes, educating and making ourselves aware of regional and global sustainability issues, and sharing them with the world.

By engaging our co-workers in conversations and collaborating with them to come up with ideas and solutions to help living sustainably.

And by starting beneficial projects in our homes and workplace, like cutting waste and promoting correct recycling. We may perceive these as small and insignificant steps, but collectively they can create transformational change.

'It is important we transition to better because…'

…we want to improve our quality of life, and to contribute to a planet where future generations have sufficient resources to sustain them.

And finally, 'Disruption for the future can happen when…'

…more and more people take part. While we're practicing sustainability in our personal lives, we also recognize that education is the key. We can leverage the power of the digital age to reach out to as many individuals as we can to kick-start conversions about the different aspects of sustainability where everyone can contribute and make a difference.

We all need to be on it!

We're so proud of colleagues like Bryan and Guen and their work to promote a sustainability mindset. As well as organization-wide commitments and making this a core value across the bank, each of us can contribute. All it takes is a shift in perception, some enthusiasm and the willingness to make changes, and we can all make a big impact on the future of our planet.

Stay tuned for more inspirational stories from our colleagues.
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