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From cricketing hero to inspirational LGBT+ inclusion champion

Find out how our colleague Jasmine Titmuss is raising awareness of the issues facing the LGBT+ community and uplifting marginalized voices – work that has earned her an Inclusion Champion award.

Supporting community, inclusion and positive change

At Credit Suisse we’re proud to support the LGBT+ community. Since the creation of our Americas LGBT+ OPEN network in 2001 we have worked to extend our commitment to equality, allyship and inclusion, putting these values at the heart of our corporate ethos.

And our efforts are being recognized – we are recipients of the Gold Standard in the Hong Kong Community Business LGBT+ Inclusion Index, and have earned a 27th place ranking in the 2020 Stonewall UK Workers Equality Index ranking. We have around 6,000 LGBT+ allies working across our organization, and the number is increasing. We welcome initiatives championing the inclusion of the LGBT+ community and want to play our part in creating a more equitable world.

Which is why we're delighted to highlight the incredible efforts and achievements of one of our colleagues at Credit Suisse Hong Kong. Experienced Recruitment business partner, Jasmine Titmuss, has been awarded a prestigious Inclusion Champion accolade in recognition of her tireless work promoting an LGBT+ inclusive culture in the workplace – and beyond.

Part of the Community Business LGBT+ Inclusion Index Awards, Jasmine’s award is a reflection of the commitment and energy she has put into championing LGBT+ inclusion and diversity. One of her high profile collaborations is with Gay Games Hong Kong 2021, where she is volunteering as part of an initiative to bring communities together through sport. Engaging with local communities and working together is fundamental to Jasmine's diversity work. She believes that impacting and engaging with communities is the most effective way to drive positive change.

Jasmine's story – from cricket captain to the corporate world

As an ex-professional athlete captaining Lancashire Women's cricket team in England and working on sustainability and participation across over 300 regional clubs, sport has always been close to Jasmine's heart. She moved to Hong Kong to take up the role of Head Women's Coach for the Hong Kong Cricket Club and played internationally for Hong Kong. When it was time for a career change and she moved into the corporate sector, Jasmine developed her skills in recruitment and D&I.

This fueled her passion for an in-house role at Credit Suisse. At first she was concerned that an ex-athlete wouldn’t fit into the corporate world, but Jasmine quickly discovered that at Credit Suisse what matters is not how much experience you have or whether you fit a certain mold, but what you can bring to the role. She was welcomed into the bank and took this lesson about being yourself and standing out into her work as part of the Recruitment team.

Combining the belief that sport allows us to be our authentic selves, to be part of a team and achieve common goals with her professional experience makes her a valued Recruitment business partner at Credit Suisse. She says:

"It is important to me that I upstand and amplify problems I see occurring in society or in the workplace. My personal way to go about fixing them is to not be a bystander, to communicate and to include the right people in the journey. I have always been described as an inclusive person, and this means a lot to me as I genuinely care about people equally regardless of what they do or where they come from."

Championing equality and diversity

Jasmine has always been active in the LGBT+ community, believing that by listening and showing respect we can create more inclusive workplaces. Playing competitive sport from a young age she learned that true diversity celebrates the ways in which we are all different. But it's not enough to simply recognize diversity. Jasmine works to ensure everyone has access to opportunities and receives fair, equitable treatment. She believes that inclusion means giving a diverse range of people a voice, power and the agency to make decisions:

"I have learnt very quickly that it isn’t about how loud you say something, it’s how many times you say it, and the impact your voice has. I believe that impacting the local community is key to diversity, equity and inclusion. We don’t get things done on our own, we must have people on board to help us reach an end goal and it must be something that people believe in and are invested in. This is the same for a community project, a local sports team and a global organization trying to drive change. We must have allies."

At Credit Suisse Hong Kong, as well as working on with Gay Games, Jasmine has created platforms to inform staff of the importance of transgender education, and highlighted the power of the LGBT+ consumer market at a recent meeting with our in-house ESG research experts. In her spare time she arranges and participates in cricket matches to bring different marginalized groups together.

Jasmine believes we can all play a part in creating a more equal, inclusive society:

"Generally, as humans, we can work out a way to fix most things. Some people don't believe they can make a change or a difference, so educating them that they can is important. We must be impactful with our education so that people understand why and what we are trying to do as allies. Engaging our communities and colleagues so that we come together to achieve the same goal is the key to positive change."

Find out what winning the award for LGBT+ inclusion means to Jasmine:

Colleagues like Jasmine set an example to us all that we must support education, community and positive change. At Credit Suisse will continue to encourage our employees to be active allies for marginalized communities, and strive to create and sustain workplaces where everyone feels they belong and have a voice.