Flex your innovation muscles.
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Flex your innovation muscles at Credit Suisse

Discover what happens when colleagues pitch game-changing business concepts to some of our leading thinkers. The stakes are high – funding to develop and pilot the projects – the innovation, limitless.

At Credit Suisse we have a long history of encouraging entrepreneurial spirit and innovative thinking. In the fast-paced investment banking world we need creative thinkers to keep us at the forefront of change. Which is why in early 2020 we set up our Innovation Incubator. Aimed at generating new business ideas and supporting experimentation using data and artificial intelligence, this dynamic network of experts, sponsors and entrepreneurs is breaking new ground in data-driven business innovations.

Swimming with sharp-witted sharks

The recent Building Data as a Business Shark Tank event was the third in our series where innovators from across the business and technology divisions submit ideas for a chance to pitch their idea to a panel of Digital Champions. Out of the 100s of proposals 10 finalists were chosen, with three lucky winners receiving funding to develop working prototypes and pilot their idea within the bank.

What's the experience like? Not as scary as swimming with actual sharks, that’s for sure. Our Innovation Incubator team offers support and guidance throughout the process. They help competitors focus on their key arguments and find an approach that will convince the panel that their idea is unmissable.

Here's how one finalist found it:

"…the buzz was palpable. Innovation isn't something that happens in a silo, but is a mindset and a way of thinking. I'm sure everyone who took part in the event learned something new and feels freshly inspired to look for innovation opportunities or product ideas."

Why the focus on data-driven innovation?

The theme of this Shark Tank is crucial to Credit Suisse's future success. We need to maximize the value of our wealth of data assets and devise new ways of using internal and external data to add value for clients and the business. We want to support colleagues who can identify areas of improvement and propose a potential solution that will keep us ahead of the pack.

Innovation is essential to our growth and productivity. To achieve this, we foster a culture of experimentation, reflection, analysis and ingenuity. By fueling the imaginations of colleagues and supporting them to make their business concepts a reality, we positively impact our clients and the firm, as well as providing inspiring challenges for our colleagues.

"…it's a great way to promote entrepreneurship, innovation and collaboration across the bank. Everyone was able to participate and submit an idea. There was a lot of support at every stage of the challenge to help you build your opportunity and develop your pitch."
(Shark Tank entrant)

Collaboration and creativity power original ideas

This series of Shark Tank competitions has generated impressive collaboration and inventiveness across the network, launching 12 projects in the last 14 months alone. And the network is quickly growing as colleagues are drawn to the chance to embrace and enhance their entrepreneurial spirit.

"…it provides creative and passionate employees of all levels with a platform and framework to take great ideas and move them forward one step closer to implementation. As a participant I felt empowered and entrepreneurial."
(Shark tank finalist)

Join us and see where your ideas will take you.