Credit Suisse Perspectives

Celebrating diversity. Advancing equal opportunity.

We believe people thrive when they have the right opportunities. When they are treated fairly and their voice is heard. Creating an equitable, diverse, inclusive workplace is a priority at Credit Suisse.

Committed to equality and inclusion

With social justice at the forefront of our minds, we recognize the need to support and advance underrepresented groups and address any inequality in the workplace, and wider society. Our workplace should be reflective of the communities we serve, which is why diversity is a top agenda item at Credit Suisse. Inclusion is one of our cultural values embedded in our Code of Conduct, and underpins our strategies and decision-making across every branch and region.

We strongly believe that fostering a work environment where everyone belongs enables them to reach their full potential and removes barriers to opportunity. In 2021, we became a Founding Member of the World Economic Forum Partnering for Racial Justice in Business initiative, which underscores our commitment to fighting racism and creating an inclusive environment for all.

Holding ourselves accountable

In the latest Credit Suisse Sustainability Report, we announced specific areas of focus based on available representation data from the US and the UK. In response to the data, we have set clear, transparent and aspirational goals:

  • Double our Black Talent senior headcount in the US and UK by 2024
  • Increase our Black Talent representation by 50% in the US and UK by 2024

To monitor our progress and hold ourselves accountable, we elevated our global Diversity & Inclusion function to report to two Executive Board members. This reflects a mandate that is tied not only to Human Resources; but one that is also embedded in our new Sustainability, Research & Investment Solutions function, providing enhanced oversight and executive focus. Our commitment to advancing inclusion is overseen by the Credit Suisse Board of Directors, Executive Board and senior leadership across all functions and divisions.

Our commitment to help prevent racism in the workplace

Aspiration needs to translate into action. With the support of our colleagues and the wider community, we've established a range of initiatives that are creating a more diverse, inclusive workplace:

  • In January 2020 we set up the Black Talent Advancement Council, made up of Black Managing Directors and senior leadership in the US, with a similar initiative in the UK. These groups directly impact our leadership and strategy for inclusion and equal opportunity
  • Our UK office has signed the Business in the Community Race at Work Charter, aimed at ensuring Black, Asian and minority ethnic employees are fully represented at all levels
  • To make sure our work extends beyond the bank, on Martin Luther King Jr. Day in 2021 we announced our Credit Suisse Scholars Program – an investment of $1.2 million – in partnership with the United Negro College Fund. This scheme provides scholarships for students at Historically Black Colleges and Universities in North Carolina in the US.
"I like the fact that there are people at Credit Suisse continually thinking "What can we do for our people, how could we make it better?"

We are committed to investing in all our colleagues and their future, and advancing people from diverse backgrounds. By supporting marginalized communities and fostering a culture of open dialogue and courageous conversations we believe we can create safe, fair spaces for everyone to flourish. Transformative action doesn't come from one person. It takes all of us working together, learning from one another and sharing different perspectives.

"I feel like I want to be part of that change. Now more than ever. I want to make a better future for my kids and for everybody else's children."

Together, we can be better. Come join us and make your voice heard.