Campaign Jen Kao

Jen Kao

Credit Suisse is helping fashion designer Jen Kao invest in her talent.

About the partnership between Credit Suisse and Jen Kao

The ocean. Aerial imagery from NASA. Japanese fables handed down by her grandmother. Jen Kao's inspirations are as eclectic as her collections are striking.

Jen Kao's design aesthetic involves mixing her many influences. And 'putting things together that don't really make sense' (like the juxtaposed environments in this photograph) is at the heart of what has made Jen one of today's most sought after designers.

Since graduating from New York's Parsons School of Fashion in 2006, the many influences behind her idiosyncratic and intricate collections have made her an influential designer in her own right.

And throughout her blossoming career, Jen's relationship with Credit Suisse has enabled her to remain focused on fashion. She has been a client with us since 2005. In addition, other members of her family are clients of Credit Suisse in the US and in Asia and they have continuously increased their activity with the bank. Jen's feature in our advertising campaign clearly underlines the strong and healthy relationship she and her family enjoy with Credit Suisse.