Campaign Bucherer


Credit Suisse is providing the building blocks for Bucherer's expansion.

About the partnership between Credit Suisse and Bucherer

The foundations for Bucherer were laid in 1888, when Carl-Friedrich Bucherer, 'watchmaker and jeweler of distinction', opened the doors of his first shop in Lucerne, Switzerland.

Over 100 years later, the Bucherer family is still running the business, (under the watchful eye of grandson Jörg) and it's still based in Lucerne.

Only now, the Bucherer name is one that's known far beyond its homeland. It's a world renowned retailer and manufacturer, with 15 outlets in Switzerland alone, and a further 9 in Austria and Germany. And its array of exquisite watches and jewelery has grown, too.

Bucherer's range currently comprises a staggering 50,000 items.

So maybe it's no surprise that the company's ambitious plans for expansion include what is the world's biggest watch store when it opened Palais Opéra store in Paris in 2013. At the same time a grand opening of a new flagship store in Munich took place.

And maybe it's no surprise that at the heart of this successful Swiss brand is another with its roots in Switzerland. For almost as long as Bucherer has existed, it's Credit Suisse that’s been keeping the company ticking over. 

Jörg Baumann, Head of Marketing & Business Development, Bucherer Ag about the partnership with Credit Suisse