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  1. Swiss SMEs: Combating Locational Disadvantages with the Latest Technologies

    Swiss SMEs: Combating Locational Disadvantages with the Latest Technologies

    SMEs consider the Swiss location to promote success. However, they see considerable locational disadvantages compared with abroad in terms of production costs. For combating these locational disadvantages SMEs primarily focus on new technologies and digitalization.

  2. The Art of Decision Making

    The Art of Decision Making 

    No one is right all the time, but one can learn to be wrong less often. Watch Michael Mauboussin, Credit Suisse's Head of Global Financial Strategies, explain how overcoming naive realism and questioning the status quo can help leaders of all kinds make better choices. He discussed the above and more at the 2016 Thought Leader Forum.

  3. How Did Switzerland Become the World’s Most Innovative Country?

    How Did Switzerland Become the World’s Most Innovative Country?

    A small, Alpine country that lacks raw materials, Switzerland has had no choice but to continually reinvent itself over the centuries, developing alternative sources of income, such as agriculture, tourism and its service sector.  What’s the secret of its success, and how long can it continue?

  4. The Entrepreneur Who Helped Put Chinese Contemporary Art on The Map 

    It's one of the foremost collections of Chinese contemporary art in the world, documenting the transformation of a society from emerging economy to global powerhouse. Now, works from the Sigg collection are being displayed in the first exhibition of its kind to chronologically chart the development of China's artistic heritage over the past four decades.

  5. Why Gender Diversity Is Everyone's Business

    Leading behavioral economist and Credit Suisse Board Member Iris Bohnet believes that when it comes to equality, change can be started immediately by nudging an organization to level the playing field.

  6. Social Responsibility: The Tech Industry's Next Frontier

    Social Responsibility: The Tech Industry's Next Frontier

    Shlomo Dovrat, pioneering entrepreneur and general partner of Israeli VC Carmel Ventures, believes that the tech industry is in good financial shape. But the industry must do more to fulfill its social responsibilities, he argues.

  7. A Great Big Rainbow Umbrella

    Roughly 2-4 percent of the population is part of the LGBT minority, meaning they are gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender. Many hide their sexual orientation at work for fear of discrimination, and that requires a tremendous amount of energy. By getting involved in the LGBT Ally program, both heterosexual and LGBT staff members send a signal that they are open to the topic.

  8. Less Rush to Go Public

    Less Rush to Go Public

    More young companies are keeping their ownership private, even when they long could have listed on a stock exchange. Their founders like it, their employees like it and so do increasing numbers of investors.

  9. Sell Your Privacy for Eight Dollars a Month

    That’s the typical fee if a company called Datacoup tracks your online activity and then sells it to marketers – with your consent. Other companies are also pursuing businesses that pay for personal information.

  10. Berlin – Europe's New Start-Up Capital

    Low rents are attracting talented young people and company founders to Berlin. Over two billion dollars were invested there in 2014, in e-commerce and financial technology among other things. A situation report.