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  1. Roger's Way: The Swiss Frame of Mind

    Roger's Way: The Swiss Frame of Mind

    His Midas touch prevails off court as well as on. Not only has he won 100 million US dollars in tennis prizes over the past two decades, Roger Federer has also struck gold in sponsoring, management and more – not always in a conventional way.

  2. Scaling up Impact Investing

    Scaling up Impact Investing

    Impact investing is a growing industry that has gained in popularity and importance in the last few years. This is not surprising, says Harvard Professor Michael Chu: It is driven by the concept that a social or ecological problem may be addressed via a commercial platform, which many people find attractive. Due to the high demand, some of the main focus points of the industry are now to launch new and risk-adjusted products, as well as to "mainstream" the market. 

  3. "Trust is the key to the private sphere"

    Iris Bohnet, a Swiss-born professor at Harvard University, argues against relying on intuition, explains how to conduct a job interview and warns of the dangers of social media. 

  4. New Financial Inclusion Landscape in India

    New Financial Inclusion Landscape in India

    Reforms undertaken in the aftermath of the 2010 microfinance bubble laid a new foundation for the sector. A conversation with Abhishek Agrawal, Country Head India, Accion, on financial inclusion and microfinance institutions (MFI) in India.

  5. Supertrends: Climate Protection – a Key Value for Millennials

    Supertrends: Climate Protection – a Key Value for Millennials

    The Millennials are one of the largest generations in history and soon reaching maturity as investors. Their values – particularly caring about the environment and climate change – are most likely to become ever more influential topics and fuel growth in areas such as sustainable investment and clean energy. 

  6. Accelerating Child Literacy with New Libraries

    Accelerating Child Literacy with New Libraries

    Helman Sitohang, CEO Asia Pacific, was presented with the Friends of Global Literacy Award by John Wood, founder of the non-profit organization Room to Read at its annual gala event in Singapore. 

  7. League of Leading Ladies Conference CS Network Partner

    League of Leading Ladies Conference: "Female Talent, Female Clients: Disruptive Forces in Emerging Markets"

    Whether as entrepreneurs, employees, or clients, women are increasingly becoming the driving forces that are actively demanding and implementing change. Mary Ellen Iskenderian, President and CEO of Women's World Banking, and Laura Hemrika, Head of Corporate Citizenship & Foundations at Credit Suisse, agree on this. At this year's League of Leading Ladies conference on March 30 and 31, 2017, in Interlaken, they discussed the challenges and solutions associated with this topic.

  8. "I'm making Asia smaller"

    "I'm making Asia smaller"

    Tony Fernandes is one of Asia's best-known and most colorful entrepreneurs. With his budget airline, AirAsia, he has revolutionized the travel industry. We spoke with him about his childhood dreams, the business principle he considers most important and social capitalism.

  9. Credit Suisse meeting with Standing Rock Sioux delegation

    Credit Suisse meeting with Standing Rock Sioux delegation

    On April 4, 2017, Credit Suisse international decision-makers from different functions met with a Standing Rock Sioux delegation in Zurich to discuss concerns about the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) and the role of Credit Suisse.

  10. Cautious First Steps in Further Development of Financial Markets

    Cautious First Steps in Further Development of Financial Markets

    Asian countries have high savings rates, but investments are predominantly short-term. However, they have embarked on the path to longer investment horizons and deeper capital market integration.