Campaign Baidu


Credit Suisse was Baidu's financial guide on their way through to the world.

About the partnership between Credit Suisse and Baidu

Chinese is one of the world's oldest, most complex languages. And these two attributes, until recently, have been a bit of a barrier to the world's newest form of communication: the internet.

Until the foundation of Baidu, no one had found a way to reconcile the thousands of characters that make up the Chinese language and the workings of a search engine. By using a patented search technology which is based on solid native language understanding, Baidu is believed to own today's most innovative and intelligent Chinese search engine.

This was a breakthrough that has since opened up worlds of knowledge to China's 477 million internet users. And earned a place for Baidu in the Nasdaq top 100 - a feat never before achieved by a Chinese company.

Not that the founder of Baidu was the only one who could see the potential of a Chinese language based search engine.

Credit Suisse could see it, too. Which is why the bank was happy to help, in underwriting Baidu's IPO.