eTrading AES® FX


AES® FX offers a market-leading suite of algorithmic trading strategies, tools, and analytics for global trading in foreign exchange markets.

AES® FX provides a variety of algorithmic trading strategies to help reduce market impact, improve performance versus benchmarks and allow clients to focus on the big picture.


AES® FX is available through most Foreign Exchange OMS/EMS platforms, via direct FIX integration, as well as via PRIMETrade (Credit Suisse's Single Dealer Platform), offering seamless algorithmic order submission and execution.


AES® FX supports electronic trading of FX products, in a riskless principal model.


AES® FX provides access to a broad set of liquidity sources including exchanges, Electronic Communication Networks, direct broker connections, internal liquidity and inter-bank prices. Customization of the liquidity pool is available via venue groups and on demand. 


AES® FX is committed to transparency and best execution, and to that end provides in-depth Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA), at a trade level and aggregate flow level.