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Korea is one of the key emerging markets for the world’s institutional investors, both in equity and credit. Throughout the global financial crisis, Korea proved itself to be well placed and its economic performance during this time was far stronger than any other country in Asia. Credit Suisse is committed to playing an active bridge role between leading Korean companies and foreign investors.

For many years, Korea has been an important market for Credit Suisse. The Bank is active across investment banking, capital markets, derivatives, research, and brokerage services in Korea, serving both local and international clients.

As a leading foreign investment bank in terms of scale, stability and deal experiences, Credit Suisse is a major liquidity provider to the Korean market and a full service bank with licenses in securities and banking. The Seoul Securities Branch1and Bank Branch2were established in 1995 and 1997, respectively, and Credit Suisse has about 130 professionals committed to serving the Korean market. 

Investment Banking

Credit Suisse has proven its outstanding mergers and acquisitions capabilities in Korea through a number of landmark transactions over the years3. Credit Suisse has completed some of the largest and most important transactions in Korea. While all transactions executed involved great challenges and multiple key stakeholders, Credit Suisse brought distinctive capabilities and clearly proved to be a leading M&A house in Korea. For example, Credit Suisse was named "the absolute M&A powerhouse" in Korea by Hankyung Business, Korea’s leading business magazine in the May 9 issue in 2012, and received "Best M&A House of the Year" awards from two leading local publications this year.   

Credit Suisse also has a solid track record as the leading equity house in Korea and has held leading roles in debt capital market transactions contributing to major Korean clients. The bank has executed more equity transactions than any other foreign investment bank in Korea and has unrivaled equity sales and brokerage capabilities, combined with creative approaches to serve the complex financial and strategic needs of our clients4.

Combining our local expertise with our global experience and broad network, Credit Suisse can provide an important bridging role between leading Korean and foreign companies, enabling their international growth and expansion in one of the world’s most exciting emerging markets.


Credit Suisse Awards



Korea Economic Daily Korea IB Awards 2013

Best M&A House of the Year

The Bell League Table Awards 2013

Best M&A House of the Year

Asset Asian Awards 2011

2011 Best Foreign Investment Bank in Korea 

Money Today 2011

2011 Best Foreign Investment Bank in Korea

1)    Credit Suisse Securities (Europe) Limited, Seoul Branch
2)    Credit Suisse AG, Seoul Branch
3)    #1 M&A house in Korea in 2012. Based on Dealogic in terms of completed transactions, excluding transactions between affiliates and current shareholders
4)    #1 Equity House from 2010 – 2012. Based on Dealogic. For transactions with joint bookrunners, equally apportioned deal value was applied

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