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Multi-Asset Strategies

To help investors seeking to diversify their portfolios and move into other asset classes, AES offers a full suite algorithmic trading strategies for equities, foreign exchange, futures and listed options. The AES multi-asset offering is supported by a global team of trading and product specific experts along with a full suite of analytics.

  • AES Equities: The core of the AES product suite with hundreds of strategies for accessing liquidity around the world.
  • AES FX: Anonymously trade more than 100 market made and synthetic currency pairs across diverse, deep liquidity pools. A wide variety of sophisticated and highly flexible strategies are available to handle all your execution needs.
  • AES Futures: Trade more than 80 futures contracts globally across equities, commodities, fixed income and currencies. More than 10 standard and customized strategies are currently available.
  • AES Options: Dynamically access a diverse group of exchanges for the trading of single stock and index options. A wide range of strategies for trading simple and complex options execution goals.

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