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Global Macro Products

Advanced thinking from combined expertise

Global Macro Products is a multi-asset group that includes Rates, Foreign Exchange, Precious Metals and Investor Products. Our teams of sales, traders, structurers and research analysts integrate seamlessly across our London, New York, Singapore, Tokyo, Paris and Frankfurt offices to deliver innovative voice & electronic solutions.


We have expertise in providing liquidity across the complete range of Rates products. Our product suite includes the full spectrum of cash and derivatives including select non-cleared and structured solutions.

Investor Products

We offer a range of innovative investment solutions including commodity benchmarks, enhanced beta, absolute return and hybrid indices that are packaged as OTC swaps, funds and structured notes.

Foreign Exchange & Precious Metals

Our Foreign Exchange & Precious Metals platform offers a comprehensive suite of products designed to meet clients’ investment and hedging needs. Our dedicated teams provide 24-hour global coverage, expert advice and efficient execution in all the major trading hubs across spot, options, forwards and swaps.


Our highly respected research team provides thought leadership outlining our views on the macro environment. Highlights include our flagship daily and weekly strategy reports exploring key macro themes and market perspectives.

Innovative Electronic Execution

Our drive for innovation and technical capabilities enable us to provide superior electronic execution:

  • Algorithmic execution via Advanced Execution Services (AES)
  • Streaming two-way markets
  • Request for Quote (RFQ)
  • Swap Execution Facilities (SEFs)

Delivered over:

  • Credit Suisse proprietary platforms (PrimeTrade, Merlin)
  • An extensive number of multi-dealer platforms
  • Direct FIX connections for client proprietary platforms

Secondary Content

Awards & Recognition

Best Algorithmic Trading Platform (Bank)- AES FX

2015 and 2014 Profit & Loss Readers’ Choice Awards

2015 Best FX Forwards Platform, 2014 Algo Provider of the Year and Best Fowards Platform, 2013 Best Execution Platform AES FX

Profit & Loss Digital FX Awards

Best Bank: FX Research and Strategy

2015 The Technical Analyst Awards

Top Ranked Market Maker and Dealer: Swiss franc

2014 Risk Bank Rankings

Best Global Risk Management Advisor

2014 Risk Institutional Investor Rankings

Best Bank: FX Research and Strategy

2015 The Technical Analyst Awards