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Career Development

Providing our employees with the opportunity to develop a satisfying career at Credit Suisse is critical to our success. Our human capital strategy, described as Grow Your Own is our commitment to identifying, retaining and developing the right talent.

Credit Suisse offers our employees both informal and structured learning opportunities. We nurture their diverse talents and encourage them to move internally to try new roles, new businesses, or a different region or country. This experience opens up new approaches to doing business and helps them to develop the skills needed to become future leaders of the firm.

Internal Mobility

The more people we have with experience across different regions, businesses and products, the better we become at serving our clients and contributing to the bank's success. This is the heart of internal mobility at Credit Suisse.

Internal mobility is a strategic priority for us: it not only allows employees to progress their careers through new challenges and experiences, it also allows us to develop leaders who can deliver the entire firm to clients globally. Last year, more than 5'000 employees took advantage of internal mobility, moving to new roles, businesses and regions within the bank.

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