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  1. mortgage-interest-rising-interest-rates-increase-mortage-interest-rate

    Higher Interest Rates Could Become a Burden

    Interest rate increases would have a major impact on the Swiss real estate market. Buyers would have to shell out more money to afford their own home. Current owners would also feel the financial pain of higher interest rates – albeit with a delay.

  2. Credit Suisse Announces Coupon Payments on Credit Suisse X-Links® Exchange Traded Notes (the "ETNs")

    Credit Suisse declared coupon payments for the following ETNs

  3. Credit Suisse Provides Venture Capital of CHF 30 million for Swiss Fintechs

    Credit Suisse investment vehicle "SVC – Ltd. for Risk Capital for SMEs" now has a volume of CHF 130 million

  4. Buying-a-home-how-couples-decide-which-home-to-buy

    How Women and Men Differ When Buying a Home

    Nearly three-quarters of all people buying a property are couples with or without children. But who decides which house is purchased? Are there any gender-specific differences? Credit Suisse conducted a survey of real estate agents and financing specialists.

  5. Commodities Decreased on Production Concerns and Weakening Demand

    Commodities decreased in February on expectations of increased US shale production and weakening demand for metals due to a stronger US Dollar.

  6. La vostra azienda è troppo piccola per la robotica?

    The benefits of increased pharmacological compliance as a source of savings

    This article is only available in Italian.

  7. Fewer-new-homes-on-the-real-estate-market

    Fewer Homes Are Being Built

    Fewer and fewer condominiums and single-family dwellings have come onto the market in recent years – a trend that is expected to continue in 2018. This is already impacting on vacancy rates in some regions, particularly since the demand for residential property remains high due to the continued very low level of mortgage interest rates.